You are so much more POWERFUL than you could possibly imagine.

Don’t give up now.

I'm Nicole, the Confidence and Resiliency Coach for EXTRAORDINARY people, like you, who never, ever give up

I can help you develop the empowering personal disciplines and the unstoppable mindset necessary to open those floodgates –harnessing your own unique powers to affect change from the inside-out — so you can FINALLY turn those EPIC dreams into oh-so-delicious! reality.

Here's how I can help you


And you can’t stop — WON’T stop — learning, growing and course-correcting — FIGHTING! — until you’ve created IT :

…greater HEALTH and HAPPINESS, or that fulfilling BUSINESS or PROJECT you’ve envisioned that will make you feel so happy and so incredibly ALIVE! that you will literally have bruises from pinching yourself every freakin’ minute to make sure that this really isn’t just a dream anymore.

But this endless striving and ceaseless DESIRE can be an emotional roller coaster … it gives you PURPOSE, focus and DIRECTION, but it’s also lonely, exhausting and overwhelming at times, often leaving you paralyzed with self-doubt as you question or criticize absolutely EVERYTHING you’re doing to help yourself… AGAIN.

Which is exactly where I come in.

Consider me your cheerleader and CHAMPION, your guardian and your GUIDE.

I’m Nicole Bernardo, and I’ve been there, too.  Through TOP NOTCH coaching and education, and simple, actionable tools I’ve learned or created through trial and error, I’ve learned to make the most of this unstoppable inner drive through building up my own self-kindness, resilience and bounce-back-ability — to create more and more HAPPINESS and tangible RESULTS, instead of tons of frustration and disappointment.

I’d be honored to help you CHANGE THE GAME and experience the endless gratitude, renewed vitality and vigor and deep sense of fulfillment that my other successful clients have created since turning their EPIC dreams into EXTRAORDINARY reality.

Intuitive insight, hands-on homework and lots and lots of love on top. You might hire Nicole because you wanted the “Martha-Beck-trained-coach” experience. But you will continue to work with her because she’s so much more than that.

Lilly Mackuth

Transformational Coach

Here’s how I can help you:

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For Healers + Coaches

Whether you’re just starting out OR you’ve been feeling frustrated… NOW is the time to get that fulfilling and SUCCESSFUL business you’ve been craving.

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