You ALREADY have the POWER to change your life.

Let me show you how to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

About Nicole

Nicole Bernardo YellowNicole Bernardo believes in the POWER of YOUR RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING MIND.

(Yeah, we’re talking to YOU~)

She is a speaker, an International Coach Federation (ICF) ACC Certified Coach and a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, who has combined these opposite perspectives to develop a deep-diving, action-oriented coaching style, so you can (finally!) MAKE your HAPPINESS HAPPEN.

Take The Vow

This is the foundation of everything we do: THE VOW to be your own HERO.


These 10 personal commitments serve to uplift, inspire and challenge you to prioritize your own health and happiness, so you can heal yourself mind, body and spirit AND start feeling more confident, capable and in control of your life, right now and throughout your future.

Nicole created THE VOW from the things she learned in her efforts to overcome her illness and unhappiness; these commitments ultimately empowered her to overhaul her life, reclaim her health and reinvent her career.


We hope it can help you find what you’re looking for, too.

 Print + sign your own copy:  TAKE THE VOW –> Download it here


These links and FREE downloads will help you MAKE those changes HAPPEN, so you can start feeling HAPPIER right away.


How To Journal–> FREE DOWNLOAD

    -Journaling is Nicole’s FAVORITE tool to help you learn to believe in yourself with all that you’ve got. It can help you learn to accept yourself without judgment and learn to gain confidence in your ability to overcome ANYTHING that comes your way.