Why being selfish is SELFLESS

It may seem crazy, but the holiday season is for YOU too. I know I’ve caught you in the midst of some craziness — finishing up as much as you can before you turn off WORK mode and jump into HOLIDAY PREP mode, amongst other things. But I wanted to remind you to carve out some time to be SELFISH this holiday season. Yes. Selfish. And here’s why…

YOUR light

    So you can physically be there for others. Being SELFISH means taking care of yourself, listening to your body and providing for its needs. It’s about making time to recharge your energy levels and NOURISH yourself from the inside out, in whatever way feels best for you. Being sick for the holidays is hardly an option, anyway. When you are physically healthy and strong, you can have the ENERGY to physically be there for others and help them in a selfless way, and TRULY expect nothing in return because you’ve already taken care of your own needs.
    So you can show others how much you LOVE them. BEING SELFISH means being responsible with your energy and where you place it’s attention. When you are half-listening to your children or your boyfriend/husband because you are distracted with other things, you are SHOWING them that they are not WORTHY of someone’s full attention. BEING SELFISH can allow you to be in the moment with your loved ones and give them the full attention they deserve, generously and without resentment. Now THAT is a truly selfless gift.

Being selfless — giving all of yourself to others without any concern for yourself and your physical/emotional/spiritual needs — doesn’t serve anyone…UNLESS you are SELFISH first. In fact, being SELFISH is the single most SELFLESS thing you can do this holiday season, and all year round.

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