Challenging you to FACE your Chaos~


All great changes are preceded by CHAOS. Which you may have started to experience since beginning this challenge…

When you put yourself out there, make changes and start living more wholeheartedly, as you’ve been doing each Monday, you may start to actually FEEL things as a result.

Uncomfortable things.

…like a messy rollercoaster of intense emotions and a spattering of physical sensations that you don’t know what the heck to do with! One minute you’re sad, lonely and SCARED. And the next you’re OVERJOYED and laughing hysterically because you almost can’t believe how you’ve steered your life back on track. It’s seriously enough to give you whiplash.

And you’re NOT CRAZY. The truth is that it’s actually completely NORMAL and HEALTHY to have bursts of intense feelings as you face your fears and break through your old “limitations.”

In fact, beyond that, it’s absolutely NECESSARY to allow these emotions to flow through and out of you in order to experience a deeper appreciation and understanding of who you are and what you’re really capable of — and especially to support yourself physically, spiritually and mentally through a change process. It can seem scary at first to look into a “darker side” of you, but when you HONOR your feelings and emotions in this way and allow them to just be what they are, you are giving your TRUE, raw self the attention you crave and that you truly DESERVE.

Here’s how you can do it.


Step 1: Get a small notebook. Throughout the day, write down any situations/thoughts/emotions that are chaotic, upsetting and/or are causing anxiety that you can’t deal with at the moment.

Step 2: When you get home or to a place where you feel safe to feel your emotions, take out your notebook.

  • If you wrote down situations or thoughts that were upsetting or caused anxiety, what were the emotions you were feeling at the time?
  • Once you have boiled everything down to emotions, choose an emotion(s) to work on. Which emotion(s) feels most vulnerable or causes you the most pain? Work on that first.
  • Sometimes you will have trouble pinpointing just one because some of them seem intertwined. That’s ok. You can still choose that confusing jumble of emotions to work on at once. It still works!
Step 3: Close your eyes. Breathe and ground yourself. Take as long as you need. When you are able, imagine the emotion(s) that you have chosen to work on as if it were in a cartoon bubble outside of your head.

Step 4: Now shift your attention to your body. Notice any physical sensations the situation/thought/emotion(s) is creating within your body. Describe these sensations with adjectives, images and sounds.

  • What image does it bring to mind?
  • What color is it?
  • Is it making a sound? If it is, repeat the sound out loud, if it helps.
Step 5: Stay with the awareness and descriptive process as long as you feel the emotion. (If you get nervous, try telling yourself that it’s ok. That you’re safe. That it’s not so scary.)

Step 6: You might find that the emotion just dissipates and at some point there is nothing left to describe. This how you know you’re finished. Take note of how that release feels for you. It may be different each time you do this exercise.

Step 7: Notice any thoughts from the bubble that still feel stressful or emotion-provoking. Write these down. Confront them head on or bring them to a session with your coach.

(Adapted from Abigail Steidley’s Mind-Body Coaching Emotional Awareness Exercise.)

NOTE: Your emotions don’t GO AWAY with this practice. This is a continual journey, so just be proud of yourself for your efforts and desire to honor yourself.

So this week, I dare you to dive into the messiness, let go of your need to control the outcome and allow yourself to FEEL what you feel and be nothing other than what you are RIGHT NOW.

This “Mighty Monday,” I CHALLENGE YOU to boldly stare your emotional “chaos” in the face, roll with the punches and hold your own hand the whole way through, honoring your new feelings without resistance or judgment and facing your fear of your own inner turmoil.

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