Challenging you to CELEBRATE YOU~

72e703cf-1485-4fe3-8b1f-8efc67c9f79dToday, I invite you to STOP what you’re doing.

Just stop.

And take a moment to see how far you’ve come. To recognize how much you’ve already shifted and grown through this challenge and in your life in general.

Think about how much BRAVERY and FAITH it took to get here. Think about how far you’ve come from where you were last year at this time. What have you overcome to get here?

How much more courageous and CAPABLE are you than you might have thought?

So this week, I DARE you to give yourself some credit! 
Instead of looking at yourself and your life and seeing the work that still needs to be done, I DARE you to see the beautiful changes — whether big or small — that you’ve ALREADY created in your life. And how those changes have enhanced your daily life in so many ways.

I dare you to truly grasp that your DECISION to commit EVERY SINGLE DAY– even when it’s HARD– to creating the life you desire is the very reason you are here today.

I dare you to see for yourself that you really do have everything you could ever needinside of you RIGHT NOW to overcome ANYTHING that comes your way.

So today, my hero, I CHALLENGE YOU to CELEBRATE YOU. To celebrate all that you’ve already done to create such a beautiful life. A life that is stamped with YOUR approval, and needs NO ONE ELSE’S.

Here’s to YOU! 



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