Challenging you to GET MESSY~


Over the past few weeks, you’ve been challenging yourself in seriously big ways. I’ve received several emails about how making the choice every day to step up and heroically advocate for yourself and what you want has had a ripple effect throughout your lives. Even though you’re acting in line with your values, it can still be difficult to move through and beyond all this, and it becomes tempting to revert back to your old behaviors and comfort zones. 

So, this week, let’s re-up your faith in this process and your progress. It starts with defying our conditioning and getting MESSY~ 

In Western culture, we value motion, busy-ness and other external theatrics well over the ONE THING that is truly capable of helping us deeply heal ourselves and make actual progress in our lives.


Through the eyes of our culture, looking inwards and facing your inner “stuff” is far from a crowd-pleaser because it LOOKS like you’re not making moves. It offers no TANGIBLE instant gratification or incentive, and there’s no clear or predictable way through the messiness. (Trust me. I’ve tried to create a road map many times!!) However, sitting with your “stuff” and doing the inner work to grieve the old and shift to the new helps us heal the wounds from our past and build a new sturdy foundation to build our futures on.

So while it LOOKS like you’re not making any forward movement, progress involves — no, REQUIRES — introspection and its resulting shifts to occur FIRST before we can make any lasting changes in our external lives. 

So this week, I dare you to look yourself in the mirror and honestly see what you need to address, GRIEVE or let go of in your pursuit of a more authentic life.

I dare you to dedicate at least 10 minutes each day (or night) to sit with yourself without judgement (in meditation or like I challenged you a few weeks ago or by writing in a journal) and just allow yourself to feel whatever you need to feel or express whatever you need to express to lovingly support yourself in your transition.

So, today, I CHALLENGE YOU to dive in and get messy so you can make moves (when you’re ready) that actually MEAN something.

This challenge (and before it, with your own personal pursuit of a more meaningful life) isn’t just a hobby.
So, let’s make all this mean something.
Let’s make this LAST~



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