Challenging you to HEAR yourself so you can HEAL yourself~

self-care activitiesLast week, I challenged you to look yourself in the mirror and choose to see what you need to address, GRIEVE or let go of in your pursuit of a more authentic life.

But HOW do you move through this next step to heal yourself or overcome that obstacle, you ask? FORTUNATELY, the only person who can answer that question for you is YOU. 

So, sit still for a second. 

B r e a t h e. 

Be here in this moment.

And consider: What feels like the best way to move through your very particular messiness so you’re headed in the most delicious direction? 

Would it feel best to MOVE? Do you need to REFLECT or get your thoughts/feelings OUT OF YOUR HEAD in some way? Maybe you are feeling compelled to just SIT STILL?

Sometimes it feels best to just meditate or breathe deeply. Sometimes it’s taking action or having an honest conversation. Sometimes it’s journaling. Or crying. Or KICKBOXING the crap out of something! Sometimes you need the help of a life coach or therapist to help you get through the “messiness” and/or face your grief or obstacles head on with a professional level of accountability. (I’m here if you want help.)

There’s no right way up, over, around or through what you’re going through, and this is JOURNEY, not a destination. So, just do what FEELS GOOD, which is your SUPER SIMPLE inner compass guiding you to make decisions that are aligned with your most AUTHENTIC self. In fact, this challenge will help you learn to LISTEN to yourself, empowering you to provide for your own needs and to give yourself the attention and LOVE that you always, ALWAYS! DESERVE.

So, this week, I dare you to step up and decide which action or non-action you’ll take, and commit to prioritizing it this week.
I dare you to give yourself special permission to stop second-guessing your inner guidance, and instead take the leap and TRUST what it tells you.

Today, I CHALLENGE YOU to CHOOSE to believe you can save yourself from your situation, and go out and DO IT.

Because you are whole. You are HEALED. And you are CAPABLE of this.


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