Challenging you to OWN IT~

Mighty Monday, how to gain confidenceThe GREATEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE is when you decide that YOUR LIFE is YOUR OWN.

  • It’s the day when you don’t really care what other people think, and you stop walking on eggshells to fit in.
  • It’s the day when you stop blaming others for your circumstances and stop wasting your energy on self-pity parties.
  • It’s the day when you say NO and go to your favorite yoga class instead.
  • It’s the day when you decide that you are ENOUGH and you are WORTHY, just as you are.
  • It’s the day you really connect with those around you and give them your full attention, because you’ve ALREADY TAKEN CARE of YOURSELF.
  • It is THE day when you say PUT ME IN COACH!, get in the action and make a DIFFERENCE in the game, knowing you’ll do the best you can to handle whatever craziness comes your way.
  • And it’s the day you CHOOSE to prioritize your own health and happiness and truly LOVE yourself for who you are — through the GOOD and the BAD — and you don’t look back.

So, I dare you to join me on the journey to THAT DAY.

This is the first Mighty Monday that will take you through THE VOW, which is comprised of 10 personal commitments meant to uplift, inspire and CHALLENGE you to be your own hero, so you can feel more confident, capable and in control of your life.

At it’s core, THE VOW encourages you to grow to LOVE and ACCEPT yourself for who you really are, flaws and quirks and all. That is where your power lives, and through this commitment you can learn to cultivate and TAP that inner strength and that steadfast belief in yourself anytime.

So today, I dare you to download THE VOW, and sign it as a symbol of your commitment to continue on this journey.

And this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to set the intention to take responsibility for your life and appreciate that it has ALWAYS BEEN YOURS for the TAKING.

See below for questions to guide your self-discovery and inspired action, if you need it.

Here’s to TAKING BACK your life~


P.S. You can always refer back to previous Mighty Mondays to help you with what you PARTICULARLY need, right when you need it.



  • Where are you NOT taking responsibility?
    • Why not? Does it SERVE you to believe you are helpless in this situation?
    • What is it COSTING YOU by not stepping up and taking control of the things you have control over?
    • How can you begin to take back your power and start to take responsibility for your life in this area (at the pace that feels best for you)?
  • Where ARE you taking responsibility?
    • Give yourself CREDIT for DOING IT and CELEBRATE that in a way that feels nourishing and ENERGIZING to you!
    • How do these areas feel different than the areas where you are NOT taking ownership? What can you learn from this?


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