Challenging you to TRANSFORM your inner TURMOIL into TENACITY~


It’s not an easy task to see how AMAZING you are, especially when day after day that inner voice of yours persists in its laser-focused and damn-near infallible mission to keep you SMALL and SAFE.

It tells you you’re not ENOUGH, when you are toying with the idea of putting yourself out there and taking a risk to make yourself happier. 

So instead of courageously chasing your dream and supporting yourself, you’re scared into submission… and trudge through your days wishing for MORE and hoping someone will SAVE you from the STATUS QUO (or planning a vacation to ESCAPE it all, right?)

I’m talking about that inner voice who tells you you’re going to end up ALONE ...leaving you feeling pathetic and sad, INSTEAD of feeling really proud of yourself for bravely listening to your gut and letting go of a relationship that wouldn’t fulfill you in the long-run (and you KNOW it.)

And watch out for this weekend! When that inner voice tells you you’re UNDISCIPLINED and makes you feel guilty and like you’re not doing enough… when you’ve taken care of and NOURISHED yourself all week… and you’re just trying to enjoy yourself at a freakin’ summer barbecue!!! 

So this week, ENOUGH is ENOUGH.


I dare you to THANK your inner voice for its input, but CHOOSE to handle things on your OWN from now on… noticing that without hearing that voice’s negativity for a while you might not have had a REASON to WAKE UP and see/appreciate the brighter side of everything. (Because of the beautiful Law of Polarity.)

And now, I dare you to redirect your energy away from inner TURMOIL into a newfound inner TENACITY to create a more supportive and KINDER relationship with yourself.

So, today and throughout this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to discover a SELF-KINDNESS PRACTICE that actually works for you, so that you can apply it easily to your life to transform your inner dialogue into a more loving and INSPIRED conversation that will support you in the hard times and when you’re flying HIGH, now and THROUGHOUT your life. (See the resources below!)

Come on. Let’s DO this~


This week’s Mighty Monday Challenge focuses on VOW #3: Be Kinder to Myself. If you haven’t yet, click here to download THE VOW and sign it as a commitment to prioritize your own health and happiness. Because NO ONE ELSE is going to do it for you~


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