Challenging you to LOOK to NOURISH yourself~


You are truly special.

In the honest moments I’ve shared with many of you, I’ve been AMAZED time and time again by your depth… your raw and unique beauty… your sassiness! … your quirky and brilliant superpowers and talents… and especially your good-heartedness and unshakeable integrity, even and ESPECIALLY when you’re knee-deep in some pretty tough stuff. 

But instead of appreciating these things about yourself, you beat yourself up for not being good enough…qualified enough…pretty enough…skinny enough… and even for NOT DOING enough! 

And you’re not alone. 

We’re all GUILTY of it. Instead of seeing and appreciating the good in ourselves and using it to live our lives with ease and passion and CONFIDENCE, we devote an ABSURD amount of energy to comparing ourselves to our culture’s ideals and trying to contort ourselves like Cirque du Soleil gymnasts to fit into them!

No WONDER we end up feeling like CRAP!!

So this week, I dare you to quit your toxic “comparing and despairing,” and instead choose to NOURISH yourself with a kinder practice.

I dare you to get to know the YOU that you’ve been hiding from us (and yourself!)

I dare you to look in the mirror with honest curiosity! and challenge yourself to find the things about you and in you that make you feel WHOLE, HEALED, CAPABLE and more than ENOUGH.

So, my heroes, I CHALLENGE YOU to CEASE your in-fighting and SURRENDER! and instead, devote yourself to a NEW, more NOURISHING mission: to thoroughly scour your inner and outer life for rock-solid evidence of your unique AMAZINGNESS, not just today… but EVERY SINGLE DAY this week …. so that soon, with consistent practice, you can experience the FREEDOM, PEACE and recharged sense of CONFIDENCE that come along with your budding self-acceptance.

Because it’s time you SEE yourself for the unbelievable person you ALREADY are.


This week’s Mighty Monday Challenge focuses on VOW #3: Be Kinder to Myself. If you haven’t yet, click here to download THE VOW and sign it as a commitment to prioritize your own health and happiness. Because NO ONE ELSE is going to do it for you~


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