Challenging you to CHALLENGE YOURSELF~

Be Your Own Hero

Throughout this challenge you’ve stepped up in HUGE ways, overcoming your fears, getting clear about what you HONESTLY want and developing a more compassionate and supportive relationship with yourself. So this week, it’s time to EMPOWER YOURSELF to apply what you’ve learned.

So today, I DARE YOU to take ownership and choose your OWN challenge. 

I dare you to take the time NOW to self-reflect and determine what you would like to focus on this week so you can HEAL and STRENGTHEN YOURSELF in the way that feels best for you.

(You can refer back to earlier Mighty Mondays, like these, that might inspire you or you can write your OWN challenge:

So this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to TRUST that you know what’s best for you, now and ALWAYS, and truly grasp that you have access to all the resources you need IN THIS VERY MOMENT to CONFIDENTLY confront your VERY OWN challenge head-on and move through it with GRACE and EASE. 

Because you ALREADY are your own HERO~


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