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THE VOW is a commitment to YOURSELF – to supporting yourself and LOVING yourself and being on your OWN TEAM– no matter WHAT comes your way.

THE VOW designed

I created this manifesto-of-sorts from the things I learned in my efforts to overcome my illness and unhappiness; I never, ever gave up, and I credit THE VOW for empowering me to overhaul my life, reclaim my health and reinvent my career  — and above all, for reminding me to do it MY WAY.

Now, these 10 personal commitments can be an empowering self-kindness practice for your own journey.

They can serve to uplift, inspire and challenge you to prioritize your own health and happiness in the way that feels best for you, so you can feel more confident, capable and in control of your life, right now and throughout your bright future, as you continually strive for greater happiness and meaning in your life.

I hope it can help you find what you’ve been looking for.

Print and SIGN your own copy of THE VOW

Download it here


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FOCUS ON 1 VOW PER WEEK, setting the intention to allow that VOW to guide your self-discovery and -growth for those 7 days.

TAKE “THE MIGHTY MONDAY CHALLENGE, and allow this empowering blog series to keep you on track to challenge yourself to apply THE VOW’s commitments to your life.    (**Start here and advance chronologically:

And don’t be afraid to break that rule! The whole point of THE VOW is to learn to be your own hero and to trust in your own inner guidance, so please use it in the way you feel will best support you and your goals.

And why not CHALLENGE A FRIEND? –> Share it with someone who can be your accountability buddy and do it together.