Challenging you to BUST OUT of your personal prison

Last week I challenged you to take responsibility for your life…to step up and OWN it.

But because you’re HUMAN, it’s inevitable you’ve come across a part of your life that makes you feel ASHAMED or disappointed in yourself and your actions (or lack thereof.)

Like when you SHRANK from a challenge, avoided confrontation or didn’t act with integrity. 

But HANGING ON to your negative feelings about yourself and your INABILITIES can be debilitating, calling your self-worth, -confidence and even your RESILIENCY into question! It scares you into submission and surrender and undermines your commitment to take OWNERSHIP of your life, when you’ve only just begun.

So my heroes, THIS is your call to ACTION. It’s time to ditch those harmful behaviors and start SUPPORTING YOURSELF like your happiness depended on it. (Because it really, really DOES.)

So, this week, I dare you to BUST OUT of your personal “prison.” 

I dare you to give yourself special permission to STOP JUDGING YOURSELF and focusing so much of your attention on your downfalls.

Instead, I dare you to take a step back and COURAGEOUSLY look into those areas or memories, and ask yourself WHY you’re disappointed in yourself.

  • What do you wish you had done differently?
  • Did you even know ANY BETTER at the time?
  • What would handling this situation SUCCESSFULLY look like to you?
  • So now, whether or NOT you knew better at the time, what can you LEARN from this situation?

And this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to be willing to FORGIVE YOURSELF, letting go of the heavy BURDEN of this negativity and inner criticism and FINALLY allowing yourself to be FREE, so you can — FROM THIS DAY FORWARD– move effortlessly and CAPABLY into your BEAUTIFUL future.

Here’s to never stumbling on what’s BEHIND YOU ever again~



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