About me

About Me

Nice to meet you! My name is Nicole Bernardo.

It is my mission as a Confidence coach, writer and speaker to empower you to “be your own hero,” so you can step up and save yourself from a life that LOOKS good — and take action to create one that actually FEELS good instead.

My Story*

I know what it’s like to feel powerless. Working at a major television network in NYC, my overeagerness to climb the ladder overshadowed my ability to discern WHICH ladder I was actually climbing. I kept going with the flow, letting other people determine what was next for me; I never intended to wind up where I was then — stressed out, overwhelmed with responsibilities I didn’t enjoy and in a role that no longer challenged me. Everything felt so HARD every single ENDLESS day. Finally, I got debilitatingly sick (kidney stone attacks) and forced to spend two miserable, frustrating weeks in and out of hospitals. It was then that I realized I was ALREADY burned out at the ripe old age of 26! and desperately needed to step up and steer my career back on the right track.

Around the same time, I found myself in a relationship that matched my “ideal” criteria on paper and impressed my acquaintances, but it made me feel so lonely and disconnected. Everyone thought I was nuts for questioning it at all, and I started to believe them. At this point, my confidence in my ability to make decisions was shot, and it was paralyzing. Still, my body knew better; it sent a clear message that I needed to re-evaluate, when I was rushed to the ER again to be treated for excruciatingly painful, MONSTROUS kidney stones.

My health WOKE ME UP to the IMPORTANCE and utter NECESSITY of stepping up and saving myself. It put me on the path to becoming my own hero:

Step 1: 

    defining what I wanted + overcoming the mental hurdles

Step 2:

     strategically plotting a course of action

Step 3: 

    and then trying and trying again — never giving up– to create the life I wanted until it became a reality.

My life is now back on track. Coming from a place of clarity and conviction, I took action to recreate my TV freelancing career, where I now only direct live sports coverage on the weekend in a role that excites and challenges me. I embarked on a new path, life coaching, which I now see is not just a career but an extension of my life’s purpose and a defining part of my own journey. I summoned the courage to act on my doubts and end a lot of romantic relationships that were “almost-right” to get to where I am now: in a living, breathing, REAL relationship with someone very special. And I’ve surrounded myself with the most supportive and encouraging family and friends (and my coaches!) who lift me up and inspire me to stay true to my path. My life might not make sense or look good to anyone else, but on the inside, it’s the best my life has felt yet. And now I know I can handle anything that comes my way.

Bottom Line? This coaching stuff WORKS. It FUELS me to be the best version of myself I can be…to keep learning and to keep growing. It gives me the strength to keep on keeping on when the obstacles seem insurmountable; it has personally been the cause of CHANGING MY LIFE and boosting my CONFIDENCE. And it can help you too.