What Type Of Enclosure Is Best For A Bearded Dragon?

 Bearded dragons are very great and loving for the petting. These dragons are becoming very sought after pets from many of the very good reasons. The people who are loving pets too much would definitely love to keep this best-bearded dragon enclosure for their almost amazing appearance and that is too much same to the dinosaur which is miniature. These types of dragons are also come with many more varieties, different varieties and with exciting colors. These are also very easy to maintain and quite docile. Once the people are getting to learn their process and about those dragons, it will be very much easy for managing.

About the size of the cages of bearded dragons


What Type Of Enclosure Is Best For A Bearded Dragon?

There are many types of the bearded dragon’s cages out of all. All of the better cages for the dragon are very large for getting started with. It is very necessary for consideration of the flooring space into the amount when acquiring an enclosure for the bearded dragons. The bearded dragons need much more space in horizontal floor space comparing to the vertical flooring space as like as these dragons are not very great climbers like the geckos or the chameleons.

The size of the tanks for the cage of the dragon is depending on the size of the dragon that how little or how big the dragon is. The larger dragon needs a very bigger cage and the small dragon needs a little small cage. The baby dragon or the small dragon needs 20 or 30 gallons of the size of the tank and on the other hand, the larger dragon needs at least 40 to 50 gallons tank size.

Materials or thinks of the cages of bearded dragons

  • The glass aquarium is the best type of cages providing for these of the docile reptiles. The aquariums made by the glass are generally economical. The glass acquiring is easily bought on the store or the pet stores and easily in the market or also on the online sites.
  • Nelamine cages are confining are made with the board of melamine, which is a variety of the wood that is coating with a laminate finishing.
  • A cage which is made up one of the plastic is termed as a PVC cage and it is easy for the people to move it anywhere and if we compare it with the melamine enclosure so it is not burdensome enclosure as it is very comfortable for the people to move it where they want to move but due its unique quality it is more expensive than the melamine as many people want to purchase the PVC cage rather than the melamine cage as the pet owners who wish to keep the bearded dragon are always prefer the PVC cage.
  • A vision cage is one of the most professional options. It is made up of one piece of the plastics and generally, it has built for the fixtures of the lightings. These types of the cages are generally tending to be very comfortable to the cleaning as known and even came the resistant of the chemical.
  • Plywood cages for the dragons are easily making from their own custom cages from the dragon. Plywood is a great choice for the project of the cages for the bearded dragons just because it is very easy to find ply at a very cheap price and also it is very light in weights.

The best bedding for the bearded dragons

What Type Of Enclosure Is Best For A Bearded Dragon?

We can bed for the bearded dragons from or by the newspaper. It is generally the very low loss and very easily available in the house. It is most easily available for disposal of the cover on the ground of the tank of the dragons or the cage of the dragon. Mostly the soak of the newspaper in the fluid or the liquid with the ease, which is ok to avoid the spread of the mess around the cages or the tanks. The paper or the newspaper is also little sturdy so when the dragons are getting active it would not slip under the feet of the pet.

A paper towel is another substrate of the disposal. They are looking very neat and clean compared to the newspaper and it is much easy for replacing or changing from time to time. Paper towels are having much of the great power of the absorptions. They are mostly or generally using on the tank of juvenile or the juvenile tanks.  Sand is also one of the most debated substrates when it is coming to the vivarium of the desert contains dragons. It is also one of the natural types of vivariums.

What are the features of the cages of best-bearded dragons?

For getting the perfect or the best cages for the bearded dragons is only of the half battles and when we are setting the new cages for the dragon, we have to be sure that the size of the cages of the bearded dragons is around the 150 liters of the gallons or the 40 gallons. This will be ensuring that the bearded dragons have the needs of room to room as he is growing. We cannot very simple to put the bearded dragons into a clean and neat terrarium and it is finished with it. We will also need to buy several other supplies for keeping the bearded dragons healthy and happy.

Collateral of the bearded dragons

What Type Of Enclosure Is Best For A Bearded Dragon?

In everything one the key factor is its security so when anyone wishes to choose any of the enclosure so they first see its security. So for its security, the pet owners need to choose the cage according to their needs and the size and it must be their duty to protect them for the harms also for the protection of the people.

So the security in everything is for the best bearded dragon enclosure.


Does My Horse Need Joint Supplements?

Does My Horse Need Joint Supplements?

Orthopaedic and veterinary communities worldwide provide different suggestions regarding the horse joint supplements. These supplements are very beneficial for horses and designed to treat, prevent or cure any disease associated with joints of the horses.

As a beginner to the horse joint supplement collection on online, you may get confused with so many formulas and acronyms associated with these supplements. You have to understand that some horse supplements are better than others.

It is the appropriate time to find the best horse joint supplement and make a good decision to be successful in your approach for buying the suitable horse joint supplement. You can focus on the following details and decide on how to successfully choose and buy the appropriate supplement.

How to make your horse healthy

How to make your horse healthy

Many men and women worldwide have invested their energy, time and effects to keep their horse to be healthy on a regular basis. They understand and make certain that joints of the horse will bleed due to training and competing. They require the best-in-class nature of the treatment and high-quality products designed to make joints of the horse strong and flexible. Horse assist their horse to get different benefits from the horse joint supplement. They can focus on unbiased reviews of top brands of horse joint supplements and make a better-informed decision to choose and buy one of the most suitable supplements. They decide on and buy the right horse joint supplement after an in-depth analysis of various things.

Individuals who are beginners to the horse joint supplements these days think about how to compare and narrow down a list of top horse joint supplements. They have to be aware of the main ingredients used in the horse joint supplements at first. This is because these ingredients play the main role to build, protect and repair joint tissues as well as fluids of the horse.

The main ingredients of popular brands of horse joint supplements on the market in our time are Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulphate and hyaluronic acid. You have to spend enough time to concentrate on everything about the best ingredients of the horse joint supplements and the role of these ingredients to make the joints of the horse healthy.

The most excellent horse joint supplements

The most excellent horse joint supplements

A competitive price of the best horse joint supplement on online is very helpful to individuals who own the horse and have understood the significance of safely and quickly treat joint problems of the horse. Glucosamine is the cartilage anti-inflammatory and also precursor designed to improve the creation as well as restoration of the cartilage. This ingredient has the nature of deepening synovial fluid to provide the highest possible elasticity and support all joints of the horse. This ingredient is also helpful in the formation of the heart valves, hooves, bone, eyes and skin of the horse. You can prefer and buy the horse joint supplement with this ingredient and start a step to keep your horse as healthy as possible.

Chondroitin sulfate is another important ingredient of popular horse joint supplement and known by its nature to provide cartilage resistance to compression. This is called Adequan, sulphated glycosaminoglycan used to prevent and treat inflammation of the horse’s joints. Hyaluronic acid is very helpful to provide lubrication for synovial membranes, remove waste and nourish the cartilage. This non-sulfated glycosaminoglycan is one of the best ingredients in leading brands of horse joint supplements.

Other ingredients of such supplements are Vitamin C, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Methylsulfonylmethane, Cetyl Myristoleate and Hydrolyzed collagen. Horse owners with a doubt regarding the joint supplement can contact an experienced veterinarian and decide on whether they require such supplement to take care of their horse or not.

Consider important things

Consider important things

There are some important things to be considered before buying the best horse joint supplement on online. For example, you have to consider the age of the horse, what kind of riding your horse is used for, your horse is recreational trial horse or a competitive show horse, your budget to keep your horse healthy, you require the oral or injection based supplement.

Almost every horse gets different benefits from a proper use of the joint supplement. This supplement is designed to help the horse to age better and get enough strength to fight off the overall effects of osteoarthritis.  You must understand and remember that arthritis simply means joint inflammation and caused by athletic activity.  Horses range from recreational trail to Olympic jumper down may suffer from breakdown of joints over time as the nature of the feet and efforts.

A proper supplement is very important to keep the damaging effects of joint problems in the horse to a minimum. This supplement supports a lot to prolong the career and also increase the comfort of every horse. Oral and injectable supplements in the horse joint supplements section on online give you more than expected choices and encourage you to pick and order one of the products.

Once you have decided to find and buy the best horse joint supplement without compromising your budget and other requirements, you can contact and consult with the specialists in this sector. You can read the latest news about the horse joint supplements and focus on honest reviews of these supplements to decide on how to pick and invest in one of the most suitable supplements.

Make an informed decision

Joints of the horse get improved subsequent to a proper use of the popular horse joint supplement. Well experienced and dedicated pet owners worldwide understand everything about horse joint supplements. They have proficiency to compare and narrow down these supplements by using a wide range of important factors. Horse make certain that an outstanding combination of the horse joint supplements plays a vital role behind a good improvement in the overall joints of the horse. They understand that arthritic alterations discovered in all horses range from horses in recovery, old horses, young horses and horses in any level of work. The first-class horse joint supplement makes joints of the horse healthy.

Coffee Mugs for Celebrating Independence Day

Now, is a good time to get a coffee mug to celebrate Independence Day. A day of freedom and a day where a nation formed around different cultures. We created a country that changes over time and continues to change to benefit the majority of people who are in it. Independence Day mugs show people that they are free and have rights that the country had to fight to get. A lot of people put dirt on this country. About how it is little mean and so forth, but this is a country where you can work anywhere if you want to. We don’t have a lot of rules you got to follow. Out main rule is to have education and a piece of paper. Other than that rule, America is a great place to live in. Experience and do things no other country could tell you about. Go out and buy a coffee mug today to celebrate being American and living here.

Buy a US Star Flag Mug


Source: Eurekamugs.com

Wield a mug with a star and USA flag on it. The flag is cut into a 5 sided star that faces up. Colored in white on the outside and inside. The star represents an old Jewish religion and the states that are free in United States. Cool Independence Day mugs to have if your very religious. The star on the symbol has 5 points to represent the Christian faith. The Christian faith is a deviation of the Catholic faith that is a deviation of the Jewish faith. Catholics were mostly Roman when it first started. The main point of the religion is to follow a set of morals. These morals contain good and bad just like other religions. But, failure to follow these principles can lead to hell. If you are a believer of the Christianity, Judaism, or Catholic faith, get your hands on Independence Day Coffee mugs like this one.

Stars also remind you of the moments of the night. If you don’;t want to buy a mug for the flag, buy it for the nights you had in the stars. But it for those reasons and keep your memories stored in your head. The stars are always a good time to talk to someone on the phone. Open up to a pal and talk about things that really bother you.

Sport the Vintage USA Mug

Vintage coffee mug for people who want to stay in the 1960s. Those were times when people were protesting and weed was popular. The time when you had to go out to join some protest. Those days was crazy but back then politics meant something. If you feel like you want to hold on to those old cold war times, pick up a vintage coffee mug. Let the faded flag remind you of the core values of the 1960s. The days when people were more respectful and life was not about judging people. It was about making things happen and keeping the peace. In modern times, USA has changed so much. Hard to still believe its the same country with all these kids following bad role models on TV.

Say Your Valor With the Pledge of Allegiance Coffee MUG

Say the words every student say in class. Practice your allegiance to a nation that took you in when you was young and taught you how to make money. Atleast, put the mindset that you needed to. This mug is colored in black and has every word of the allegiance speech written on it. Never forget the pledge to allegiance again with this black little coffee mug. Very smooth black to wrap your hands around. The feel of it will make you think your mysterious. I know that’s the feeling I felt when I was holding onto this thing.

Guide for Motorcycle Helmet Care

Like your motorcycle, your helmet also needs some TLC. You can’t expect your helmet to look fresh all the time. Less than an hour on the road and your helmet’s lining might be all too sweaty. It’s really a good thing that you consider buying the best helmet for motorcycle if you still have not bought one or are thinking of looking for a replacement. There are many high-end motorcycle helmets that are designed for easier cleaning, so this won’t be a problem if you find one.

Guide for Motorcycle Helmet Care

Remember that even if you have one of the high-end, well-designed motorcycle helmets, but if you don’t take care of it properly, it will soon be just one of those musty, grimy, beat-up head bucket way before it should be replaced.

This guide will teach you how to properly take care of your motorcycle helmet the right way. Take the time to go through this guide and learn how you should be looking after your investment.

Remember that your motorcycle helmet has a big job to do. Without your helmet, your head and your face are at risk of possible traumatic injuries and other road dangers. Your helmet also protects your head from the weather. The same head and face cover makes riding on two wheels a lot comfortable. Wearing one while on the road boosts your confidence while on the road. If you have one of the high-end helmets, that won’t be a problem. After all, these types of helmets have passed quality and safety standards so you are assured that they will deliver functionalities as indicated by their manufacturers. However, the same helmet will not stay the same if you won’t put time and energy to keep it looking and smelling clean all the time. All you will see after a few uses of this helmet is a filthy, dusty, and grime-filled helmet, and perhaps, filled with scratches.

The Easiest Way To Damage A Helmet

Your helmet every sweat and body oils as you use it. These body fluids are absorbed and stick to the lining and foam of the helmet and will soon release an unpleasant odor after a while. The outside material of the helmet, on the other hand, would have to deal with bug guts, dust, soot buildup, smog, rain, grimy fingerprints, and more. If you are using your helmet just how it is supposed to be used, that helmet will definitely take a beating.

What makes all the difference, however, is how you take care of your helmet. Some things that get to stick on your helmet may not actually be the cause of its damage. How you clean your helmet may. If you use a stronger cleansing agent when your helmet can easily be cleaned by just plain soap and water, then you are only ruining it. What actually causes most helmet problems is improper maintenance or a lack of it.

Not taking care of your helmet properly is not good. If you do it all wrong, that will make it even worse.

Do’s and Don’ts of Helmet Care:

Proper maintenance is needed if you really want to keep your helmet longer then, you should not only clean it the right way but use the right product to keep it clean as well. Follow this simple guideline and you’ll be certain that your helmet will be kept in good shape until it’s time for a replacement.


  • Mild soaps should be used when cleaning the liner. Baby shampoo or mild laundry detergent will do the job.
  • Loosen bug guts for a few minutes using a towel soaked in warm water before wiping them away.
  • A scratch-free microfiber towel will clean your helmet better and gently.
  • Gently wipe and clean visors and gloss shells to prevent scratching.
  • Apply automotive polish on the shell of a gloss helmet to keep it sparkling clean and to prevent water spots, guts, and grime from sticking.
  • Cotton swabs will effectively clean out vents and joints.
  • Air dry your helmet (including its liner); a room fan may also be used to accelerate the drying process.
  • Lubricate the moving parts of your helmet with a silicone-based lubricant.
  • Wearing a liner, like a skull cap or bandanna, will create an extra layer of protection for your helmet’s liner. This will absorb your sweat and body oils first, so wrap one around your head before putting on your helmet.


  • There is no need to scrub the shell or visor of your helmet. This will just leave scratch marks on the surface of your helmet.
  • Petroleum distillate or solvent-based cleaner are not intended for cleaning helmets.
  • Ammonia-based or glass cleaners should not be used to clean your visor.
  • Harsh soaps, such as dish soap, will damage your helmet and its liner. Do NOT use it to clean your helmet.
  • Do NOT use dryer sheets in your helmet as these sheets contain harsh chemicals that can cause allergic skin reactions in some people.
  • Fabric softener, or detergent/soap with fabric softener prevents moisture-wicking liners from working, so do not use it.
  • Your helmet liner is NOT dryer-friendly. DO not throw it inside the dryer.

Deep Clean Your Helmet

Deep cleaning your helmet will depend on the kind of helmet that you have. If it’s one with a removable liner, you can easily do this deep cleaning process. All that you’ll have to do if that’s the case is to toss the liner and pads inside the washing machine and wash in delicate cycle with a mild detergent. Then, hang them dry.


If you have a helmet that comes with the liner and the shell fused together, then you will have to clean the whole thing inside a large basin filled with water. You will have to soak the helmet in the suds for a few minutes before you start rubbing off dirt, oil, and sweat off the liner with your fingertips before rinsing the helmet. You’ll want to do it several times to make sure that the helmet is thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Make sure that you have removed any removable parts of the helmet, such as the visor or pads, and hand wash them separately.

Once everything is totally clean, air dry the helmet. When dry, you may apply an automotive detailing polish on the shell of the helmet to restore its gloss. You may also apply a coat of automotive wax to your helmet as this will give it a protective coating and that will make future cleaning a breeze.

Tips In Choosing The Best Water Bottles For School

We are all well aware of the importance of drinking water, especially in maintaining good health. Still, many of us fail or neglect to provide adequate water to our bodies. It is the simplest of all the requirements for survival, yet we tend to voluntarily disregard to replenish whatever fluid that we have lost as we go about doing work.

Our children, who look up to us, follow our standards of living. They will also do as we do and if we don’t train them early or let someone or something else teach them, we will soon be looking at someone we do not intend to create. So, if you want your kids to be drinking sufficiently when they are away from you, like when they are in school, train them to bring one of the best water bottles for school. That will encourage them to drink more when they have to and not look for other alternatives, which may not be healthy for them.


Encourage your kids to be properly hydrated when on the go

New habits are difficult to form, but if you encourage them to bring a bottle of their favorite healthy drink, you will soon see them repeating the behavior. Eventually, they will unconsciously follow the new rule and they will old the old pattern of thinking. You will soon find them asking for their bottle filled with their favorite beverage before they head off to school.

Let them realize the benefits that bringing their own reusable bottle to school will do to their health, to the environment, and even to your finances. You’ll be teaching them so much in the process. And as kids are very good advertisers (they will do word-of-mouth advertising naturally), it will be easier for them to encourage others to do the same thing as well. Soon your child’s classmates will be bringing their own reusable water bottles as well.

It’s one simple step for better and stronger children and a better environment as well. As it limits the use of bottled water, there will be less disposable bottles generated. That means less pollution, fewer carbon traces, and more savings that you and your child can use for other things.

Looking for the best water bottles for school can be a challenging, too. There are so many brands and styles that offer several features. To help you decide which will be the most suitable water bottle for your child, consider the following guidelines :


For younger kids, you may want to look for a smaller-sized water bottle that will fit nicely in their hands when they are drinking. Older children will naturally require bigger-sized water bottles. But it will also depend on what specific size they would rather have. Will they prefer a thinner but wider water bottle like the Nalgene BPA Free Tritan Oasis Canteen or would they rather have a thin and tall water bottle like the Simple Modern Wave Water Bottle.


Find the best reviews for the water bottles that you are eyeing to buy. If you check for designs at Amazon.com, the world’s leading e-commerce site, you will see reviews for most of the products for sale. You can also google the brand and the design to see what others are saying about it. If you can test it yourself right away, that will be much better. A leaking water bottle can cause a lot of damage to your child’s stuff, so make sure that the cap won’t pop or budge with pressure or when the bottle tumbles or falls to its side.


Look for a reusable water bottle that is light as your child may find it troublesome to bring a bulky and heavy water bottle.

Easy to clean

It’s easy for germs and bacteria to breed in a water bottle when it has areas that are difficult to reach when cleaning. When looking for a reusable water bottle, make sure that it will be easy to clean all surfaces of the bottle.

Dishwasher safe

If you would rather have one that can be cleaned through a dishwasher, then make sure that the bottle that you will buy will be appropriate for that purpose.


Water bottles are made of different materials (plastic, stainless steel, glass). Check if all parts of the bottle that you intend to buy are safe (BPA-free), won’t leave any aftertaste on the bottle, and won’t easily break.


Opt for one that will fit nicely and snuggly in your child’s bag or backpack. If you would rather place the water bottle in the cup holders in your car, then find one that will be the right size and shape for that holder. It’s more convenient to keep a reusable water bottle in car cup holders when on the go, and if it’s a feature that the water bottle you intend to buy has, then go for it.


There are a lot of things that you can consider when we talk about the design of the reusable water bottle. Think of the cap. Does it have to have a holder or can it just come as a separate part of the bottle? Will your child drink from the lid, the cup, or a straw? How would you like to have the contour of the bottle? Does it have to be rigged for better grip, or would you rather have indented mid-portion to provide better grip when drinking from the bottle, or perhaps have the bottle a handle where your child can hold while drinking? Does it have to have a filter? Think of other features that you may want to have from a reusable water bottle. Don’t just settle for something because it is cheaper. Make sure that you get the best from each of your purchase.


There are so many water bottle brands that come with vacuum insulation that prevents condensation, so you won’t see any water marks on the sides of the  bottle. There are also those that can hold the temperature of the beverage for more than 24 hours. That means, your child’s water or other beverage will remain cold or hot longer. Picking a water bottle with one of your child’s favorite color will also increase the chance that your child will love the reusable water bottle once he or she sees it.

Hydration and its Effects on Running Performance

Athletes know just how critical fluid replacement is with or without a competition. A lot has been said about this. Even until now, however, the emphasis is still on the importance of monitoring hydration levels. This clearly indicates that even up to now, many still find it easy to neglect even the simplest way to health — consuming enough fluids to allow maximum performance of the body’s system.


Proper hydration remains a struggle for runners, especially during the hot season. Experts have thoroughly studied this topic to determine if there is a perfect formula for hydration. Most of the research results indicate that there is really no perfect formula when it comes to the appropriate amount of liquid that one should take. Hydration is indeed a personal thing and it varies from person to person.

Improper hydration, as we all know, leads to dehydration. That is what we don’t want to happen, especially when you are out on the road for a long run. Fortunately, many experts in the field have already come up with some guidelines that will help runners to prevent dehydration.

Dehydration and Its Impact on a Runner’s Performance

Dehydration happens when the water levels in your body drop beyond the normal. This happens as your body continuously use water to do its normal functions like bringing oxygen to the brain, digestion, releasing toxins through sweating, defecation, and urination, and so on. When you perform intense workouts like a long or a competition run, you release more body fluid through sweating. If the total amount of liquid released is not equal to the amount of fluid replaced, dehydration begins. Once the amount of fluid lost equals about 2% of your body weight, you will begin to experience dehydration symptoms and your performance will be greatly affected.

There are different factors influencing dehydration, however. Professional athletes, for instance, will have a higher percentage of body weight lost during a performance before they will experience the symptoms of dehydration. Other factors, such as the environment (temperature and humidity), age, gender, overall health, and so on will determine how the body will respond to the lack of water replacement.

Symptoms of Dehydration

As for the symptoms of dehydration, the most common would be a dry mouth and lips, lightheadedness, dizziness, and headaches. Note, however, that not everyone will experience all of these symptoms, and not every symptom will be the same for everyone. It is just enough to alert you of such a condition that you can do something about it before it is too late.

The best way to determine whether you are already dehydrated is to weigh yourself before and after a workout. If the weight that you have already lost has already reached 2% or more of your bodyweight, then you are already dehydrated.

So, how do you prevent this?

Athletes have superior physical fitness. They acquire this through constant practice and training in the right environment. Runners, for instance, will train to acclimatize to the temperature and humidity level on the route that they will have to go through during the race. They spend several weeks to make sure that they are well-conditioned to the same environmental features that they are expecting to experience on the day of the event.

Once they have acclimatized to the mimicked environment, they will gradually increase the length and the pacing of the run to train for endurance, stamina, and speed.

Another way to prevent dehydration is proper hydration. Sufficient fluid intake begins not on the hour or a few minutes before you start the run, but it should be done days prior to the big event. You can’t just empty a huge water container a few minutes before you head out the track and race.

Hydration will also not end after the race or the run starts. It continues throughout the training or the event, and even after it ends. Hydration should, therefore, be a lifestyle and not just a program that you have to go through every run. You need to make sure that your body continuously receives the right amount of fluid from food and drinks available. Just make sure that the fluid sources are of high quality. No alcoholic drinks and unhealthy food sources as they may also affect your overall health.


You may think that if it is just the case, then you will just drink and drink and drink until you don’t feel thirsty. Note, however, that people can also die from excessive water drinking. That happens when the sodium level in the body becomes depleted as the body is holding too much fluid. Such a condition is known as hyponatremia.

This is not surprising since it could really be difficult at times to think about drinking when you are already in the lane or on the road running. That’s the reason why there are smart devices now that has features such as a lap watch that you just need to set to remind you of your next due to drink. Also, if you have one of the best water bottles for  running, it will be easier for you to sip smartly even while on the run.

But how much do you have to drink to stay hydrated?

When and how much you need to take in will be your next concern. As to when experts recommend regulating your drinking. Setting your watch to remind you to drink after every 15-20 minutes is just about the right time to ensure that your body will be provided the fluid that it can use to replace the lost fluid while the remaining body fluid is being used up as you continue to run.

Not only does your fluid intake differs from another person, but environmental, as well as those other factors mentioned will influence how much and when you need to take in replacement fluids. To be sure that your body is properly hydrated drink before, during and after your runs. Find the most appropriate fluid that will encourage you to drink throughout your training and even after you are done with it.


To make sure that you will be at your best any time you need to train or workout, always remember to hydrate. You can easily do this if you bring with you one of the best water bottles for running. You’ll be more encouraged to do it any time you need to as you can easily sip smartly from it. For a better fluid replacement, try coconut water. It’s more nourishing than a sports drink and will easily be absorbed into your body, so you’ll feel refreshed quicker.




A Guide to Choosing the Best Pillow for Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be exciting and troubling at the same time.  You enjoy the moments being pampered as they believe that this will give the baby more satisfying moments inside your belly throughout your pregnancy and even after. However, everyone becomes apprehensive every time something happens to you. Even the slightest change of mood can be an indication that something is going with the baby inside your belly. As a result, everyone makes an effort to please you to please the baby.

Not all of the efforts extended to you and the baby will be enough, however. As your pregnancy progresses, you will still have to endure a number of pains as your body responds to the growing baby inside of your tummy. You gain weight, your body’s alignment changes as well as your body shape. All these happen to compensate for the growing fetus in your belly.

Because of this, tension within the muscles, ligaments, and joints that are supporting your uterus (the part of your body that serves as the baby’s cradle), you will feel pain in most parts of your body. Other factors may contribute to the body aches that you may experience, including hormonal imbalance, the intensity of activities that you do throughout the day, as well as your posture when sitting or lying.

Your bulging belly may keep you from lying comfortably and may cause a lot of pains on your neck, shoulder, back, hips, legs, and even on your joints. If you have one of the best pillows for pregnancy, you may find it easier to shut your eyes and have a peaceful sleep throughout the night, however.


Why is pregnancy keeping you from having the quality of sleep that you need?

Having enough rest every day is crucial, especially for the expecting mother. One study indicated that a pregnant woman who suffers from poor sleep will have a disrupted immune system and is at a greater risk of experiencing birth-related complications. However, a majority of pregnant women experiences a lot of body changes (including psychological and physiological changes) which affect the quality of their sleep.

With the help of a good body pillow, any body pain may be alleviated. As a pregnancy pillow will provide the support that the parts of your body signaling pain may need to maintain the muscles and bones in good position, you will have a totally different sleeping experience. As you discomfort is minimized, it will be easier and quicker for your mind and your body to fall into a relaxed state and, later, to a deep sleep.

A regular pillow cannot be used as an alternative for a pregnancy pillow

If though you can also use your regular pillow for the same purpose, you may not feel the same effect as when you use a maternity or a pregnancy pillow. As mentioned earlier, a pregnancy pillow is designed to suit a pregnant mother’s body. It’s made to follow the contours of your body. It is soft enough to yield to your weight, yet firm enough that you can still feel that it is carrying your weight and not simply allowing it to fall into it.

A pregnancy pillow is also available in different shapes and sizes so that you can pick one that will support the part/parts of your body that needs the support. So, if it’s the part of your neck where you feel the pain, you can use a wedge-type or a circular-type of pregnancy pillow to prop your head and neck on. This will help align your spine and will allow you to feel more relaxed as you rest on your left side.

There are also other types of pregnancy pillows, such as the C-shaped pregnancy pillow, the J-shaped pregnancy pillow, the U-shaped pregnancy pillow, the full-length, the flexible full-length, and so on.

When looking for the best pregnancy pillow for back pain, you should know right away what specific areas of your body you’d like to use the pillow for. This will help you identify the right pillow to buy. Other factors that you need to consider when buying a good pregnancy pillow should also include the type of fillers used to pad the pillow. Note that the materials used will help you determine the level of support that it can provide, as well as the kind of care and handling you need to keep the pillow in perfect shape longer.

You might just want to snuggle up to a few displayed in the store to determine which will best suit your preference. Look for one that is made with a light and breathable fabric as it can be more comfortable to use. Pillows made with a breathable fabric won’t hold much sweat and will allow air to pass through better making it easier for anything trap in between the threads to dry up or be removed easily.

A pregnancy pillow may provide support not only when you are pregnant. You can use it as you desire even after you have given birth. So, if you decide to buy one or a couple of pieces today, you are sure to keep those pillows longer. It could just be one of the best investments that you can make during pregnancy, so don’t delay. Choose the best pillow for pregnancy from an authorized seller who offers effective and efficient customer service.

Tips On How To Manage Your Hydration Levels While Cycling

Many people ride for different reasons. Some ride for pleasure. Others get on their bike at regular times to stay fit or to lose weight. Others, love the sense of accomplishment that winning a race gives. Many others ride a bicycle to go from one place to another either to save cost from commuting or to support a cause (going green). Whatever your reason for riding your bike, there is one thing that you should not forget — bring one of the best water bottles for cycling so you can keep your favorite beverage with you and stay hydrated while on the move.


Why is hydration crucial?

You are quite aware of the importance of water not only to health but to survival. Even the smallest levels of dehydration can affect your overall performance, as well. It can impact how your body will respond to any intermittent temperature changes while en route. As a result, your perception of effort as well as the actual performance level may deteriorate.

One of the biggest mistakes that even experienced endurance athletes make is to fail to prepare. Note that the body requires about an hour or so to distribute any fluid that it has taken in for use by the other parts of the body. If you fail to properly hydrate before stepping on your bike, you are already doomed to experiencing the unnecessary negative effects of unhealthy hydration practice.

Remember that as you become more dehydrated, your blood volume decreases. This happens because 55% of the total blood volume is water (92% of the liquid component of your blood or the plasma is water). To allow your body to increase its work output, it will be forced to work harder. That means your heart rate will increase and your temperature will increase. This condition will limit your capacity to increase your effort level. However, it increases your rate of perceived exertion. As a result, you may lose concentration, skill, as well as accuracy in what you are doing. This can only be corrected if you manage your hydration requirement effectively, before, during, and even after you go for a ride.

Consider other hydration alternatives

The direct answer to this question is “NO.” As you sweat, your body loses more than just water. In fact, you also lose essential elements called electrolytes. These electrolytes are crucial in creating balance in the fluids inside your body.

Fortunately, there are other hydration alternatives that you can have even while on the move. Bring with you a bottle or two of your favorite sports drink to help you replenish any lost fluids and electrolytes while cycling. Taking a bite of healthy snack bars, gels, and other bite-sized snack can also help you in this aspect. Just don’t let 15-20 minutes on the go without taking a sip or hydrating or else your cells, your output, and even your health will suffer in the end.

At this point, it is important to note that there are two major factors that affect how fluid is absorbed in your body. First, is the rate at which the fluid drains or is released from the stomach. Second, is the rate of absorption in the intestine. This is affected by the concentration of electrolytes such as sodium and carbohydrates present in the drink.

Prolonged heavy sweating could result to a significant loss of minerals in the body, particularly sodium. If you just drink water, you can weaken the concentration of the remaining electrolyte minerals in your body. If you decide to gulp down more water, you may experience overhydration which can lead to critical symptoms like seizures, mental disorientation, as well as death. This can also stimulate your kidneys to produce more urine to help keep the concentration levels in your body balanced. That means that your body won’t be able to retain the amount of fluid and essential electrolytes it needs to sustain optimal performance.

Hydrate before, during, and after.

To ensure that your body will exert the best effort while you are on the move, top up before you step on your bike. You also need to look after yourself during and even after the activity. If you are doing an especially demanding event, like joining a tournament, then you should begin managing your hydration a couple of days before, just to make sure that you will at optimum levels.

It is quite easy to overlook your hydration levels after you have finished cycling. However, you should always remember that your body will need to re-energize. So, if you can take on a protein and carbohydrate food source to pair with your favorite beverage, you might as well do that.

Weigh yourself before and after a ride

To effectively manage water loss or gained throughout the ride, weigh yourself before and after an activity. Each kilogram of weight that you lose means a liter or fluid loss. If you add the total amount of fluid that you have consumed during your ride, you will determine if you have lost more fluids or have effectively managed whatever fluid you have lost throughout the ride.

There are so many reasons why you may want to go on your bike from health to practical reasons. As you plan when to go and what cycling activities to participate in, you should always consider the proper hydration plan as well. Remember that hydration management begins days before you start with an effort or activity and should continue even after you have gone off your bike.

To make sure that you can always hydrate wherever and whenever you need to, find the best water bottles for cycling and store your favorite beverage in it. Find one that will allow you to use your bottle longer and will be free of any toxic elements so you could secure a clean and healthy drink that you can smartly access any time you want to.

Reasons Why It Is Important To Wear Comfortable Shoes During Pregnancy

Your feet carry much of your weight throughout the day. Thus, it needs much attention like all other parts of the body, especially during pregnancy. That’s one good reason why you need to find the best shoes for pregnancy that can make your feet, as well as your whole body, comfortable whatever you may want to do or wherever you may want to go.


Treat your feet right

You may think that it’s just okay to wear anything that will make you feel comfortable and that you don’t really need to worry much about how your feet will look on them. However, if you find good fitting shoes that do not really complement what you are wearing, you may just end up feeling unhappy with the whole thing. That can make a very stressful day, specially if you have to wear the same outfit for a whole day. It gets even more challenging because of your condition.

What if you found the right design and look for your sole, but considered checking the quality of the material used in the making of the shoes not necessary? That could leave you loving your shoes but only for a while. All the effort, time, and money that you invested in finding that pair of shoes will soon be wasted and you will have to look for a new pair sooner than you planned.

Shoes are one of the best accessories for any outfit

Any good pair of shoes can be a good indicator of your fashion sense and style preference. It can also be a sour of a discomfort and pain. You may decide to settle for a pair with a more favorable appearance, even if it means that you will suffer from tired and sore feet every time you need to wear those shoes.

You need to consider the weight that your feet have to carry throughout your pregnancy. You should also think about how your feet may look and feel a few months after you have bought those shoes. Remember that expecting moms will experience swelling feet, so you will need to find a pair that will provide more room for your feet, yet hasn’t been too big that it will get cumbersome walking in them.

Your shoes should support a more comfortable pregnancy. Never compromise your health when choosing for the best shoes pregnancy.

As an expecting mother, you already have specific needs that are quite different when you were not yet having a baby. During pregnancy, you think of the best diet as well as the most appropriate supplements that you can take to make sure that you and your baby is provided what you need for a healthy pregnancy. However, many seldom really think about their feet. Have you thought of how many times you needed to look in the mirror to see if you need to retouch your make up? But do you do the same thing with your feet?

You may even think about how your feet may affect your health. Note that wearing uncomfortable shoes can create a negative effect on your personal well-being, body and even your health.

Consider why you should wear a comfortable pair of shoes:

  1. Wearing tightfitting shoes can cause blisters. Having a sore blister forming soles of your feet should make you think of the fit and style of your shoes. If you wear a pair that fits that natural shape of your feet, you won’t end up having a terrible blister after a few hours wearing those shoes.
  2. They start to get on your nerves. Stilettoes, pointy shoes, and all other shoes designed to enhance the look of the feet may look good on your feet. However, they may feel terrible with them on your feet. Some also complain of experiencing a shooting pain between the third and the fourth toe. This happens when the tissue surrounding the foot thickens as a result of frequent use of a tightfitting pair of shoes. The condition is known as Morton’s Neuroma. There are even cases when a surgery needs to be performed to get relief from such painful nerves.
  3. You will soon find corns on the soles of your feet. Wearing uncomfortable shoes will soon give way to the development of corns at the pressure point on your feet. These corns are quite painful. They may also require a treatment which can take several weeks to cure the corns on your feet.
  4. Your feet will soon be forced to protect itself. Tight-fitting creates so much pressure on the feet. As a result, your feet will develop calluses and bunions. They can be painful and quite unappealing. They also don’t just go away easily.
  5. Wearing a good-fitting pair of shoes can help maintain proper foot health, and can improve your body movement. Pressure caused by the weight of your growing bump as well as the ill-fitting shoes can affect the way you move. This happens as the parts of your body from the back down try to compensate for whatever pain or discomfort that you feel. As a result, your movement is affected.

Choose the right match for your feet

It is essential that you always remember the connection between your health and the shoes that you wear. With a special condition that you now have, you have more reasons to find the best-fitting shoes that will provide you a comfortable walk and movement any time you put them on. There is a wide variety of good quality footwear in the market and you will definitely find a good match for your feet without ever having to compromise your health.

Look for a pair that will let your feet to breathe but won’t be out of style. Find one that will also offer a good ankle support, and a pair that will be easier to your knees and your back. For a more comfortable fit, here are a few options: flat-soled sandals, loafers, and mock sneakers.

For more information on how to avoid foot pain during pregnancy, check out Dr. John Pritz’video here.

Challenging you to GET YOUR HEART PUMPING~

It can be so easy to make excuses, no matter WHAT we want to accomplish. Because it’s TRUE that there REALLY IS only so much time in a day… and yes… things REALLY DO come up!

But why is it that it’s easiest to come up with excuses when it’s time to do something for ourselves? Particularly when it comes to NOURISHING and RESPECTING ourselves PHYSICALLY.

So, this week, enough is ENOUGH.

Today, I DARE YOU to see that YOUR EXCUSES — as seemingly justified as they may be! — are only hurting YOU. 

And I dare you to start where you are … and go OUT OF YOUR WAY one more time than you usually do this week to get those healing, FEEL-GOOD ENDORPHINS flowing through an exercise or activity that feels joyful and FREEING to you. 

And when you do, I dare you to notice how GOOD it feels to get your heart pumping… and to be curious about the happy side effects that you experience afterwards, such as feeling more grounded and clearheaded… or feeling more capable and upbeat.

So today and throughout this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to see what you GAIN when you choose to LOSE your excuses and instead, commit to GIVING WHOLEHEARTEDLY to yourself and relishing in the revitalizing benefits … so you can truly start FEELING GOOD again.

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You DESERVE this, and so does everyone else in your life!
Let’s MOVE,