Coffee Mugs for Celebrating Independence Day

Now, is a good time to get a coffee mug to celebrate Independence Day. A day of freedom and a day where a nation formed around different cultures. We created a country that changes over time and continues to change to benefit the majority of people who are in it. Independence Day mugs show people that they are free and have rights that the country had to fight to get. A lot of people put dirt on this country. About how it is little mean and so forth, but this is a country where you can work anywhere if you want to. We don’t have a lot of rules you got to follow. Out main rule is to have education and a piece of paper. Other than that rule, America is a great place to live in. Experience and do things no other country could tell you about. Go out and buy a coffee mug today to celebrate being American and living here.

Buy a US Star Flag Mug



Wield a mug with a star and USA flag on it. The flag is cut into a 5 sided star that faces up. Colored in white on the outside and inside. The star represents an old Jewish religion and the states that are free in United States. Cool Independence Day mugs to have if your very religious. The star on the symbol has 5 points to represent the Christian faith. The Christian faith is a deviation of the Catholic faith that is a deviation of the Jewish faith. Catholics were mostly Roman when it first started. The main point of the religion is to follow a set of morals. These morals contain good and bad just like other religions. But, failure to follow these principles can lead to hell. If you are a believer of the Christianity, Judaism, or Catholic faith, get your hands on Independence Day Coffee mugs like this one.

Stars also remind you of the moments of the night. If you don’;t want to buy a mug for the flag, buy it for the nights you had in the stars. But it for those reasons and keep your memories stored in your head. The stars are always a good time to talk to someone on the phone. Open up to a pal and talk about things that really bother you.

Sport the Vintage USA Mug

Vintage coffee mug for people who want to stay in the 1960s. Those were times when people were protesting and weed was popular. The time when you had to go out to join some protest. Those days was crazy but back then politics meant something. If you feel like you want to hold on to those old cold war times, pick up a vintage coffee mug. Let the faded flag remind you of the core values of the 1960s. The days when people were more respectful and life was not about judging people. It was about making things happen and keeping the peace. In modern times, USA has changed so much. Hard to still believe its the same country with all these kids following bad role models on TV.

Say Your Valor With the Pledge of Allegiance Coffee MUG

Say the words every student say in class. Practice your allegiance to a nation that took you in when you was young and taught you how to make money. Atleast, put the mindset that you needed to. This mug is colored in black and has every word of the allegiance speech written on it. Never forget the pledge to allegiance again with this black little coffee mug. Very smooth black to wrap your hands around. The feel of it will make you think your mysterious. I know that’s the feeling I felt when I was holding onto this thing.

Tips On How To Manage Your Hydration Levels While Cycling

Many people ride for different reasons. Some ride for pleasure. Others get on their bike at regular times to stay fit or to lose weight. Others, love the sense of accomplishment that winning a race gives. Many others ride a bicycle to go from one place to another either to save cost from commuting or to support a cause (going green). Whatever your reason for riding your bike, there is one thing that you should not forget — bring one of the best water bottles for cycling so you can keep your favorite beverage with you and stay hydrated while on the move.


Why is hydration crucial?

You are quite aware of the importance of water not only to health but to survival. Even the smallest levels of dehydration can affect your overall performance, as well. It can impact how your body will respond to any intermittent temperature changes while en route. As a result, your perception of effort as well as the actual performance level may deteriorate.

One of the biggest mistakes that even experienced endurance athletes make is to fail to prepare. Note that the body requires about an hour or so to distribute any fluid that it has taken in for use by the other parts of the body. If you fail to properly hydrate before stepping on your bike, you are already doomed to experiencing the unnecessary negative effects of unhealthy hydration practice.

Remember that as you become more dehydrated, your blood volume decreases. This happens because 55% of the total blood volume is water (92% of the liquid component of your blood or the plasma is water). To allow your body to increase its work output, it will be forced to work harder. That means your heart rate will increase and your temperature will increase. This condition will limit your capacity to increase your effort level. However, it increases your rate of perceived exertion. As a result, you may lose concentration, skill, as well as accuracy in what you are doing. This can only be corrected if you manage your hydration requirement effectively, before, during, and even after you go for a ride.

Consider other hydration alternatives

The direct answer to this question is “NO.” As you sweat, your body loses more than just water. In fact, you also lose essential elements called electrolytes. These electrolytes are crucial in creating balance in the fluids inside your body.

Fortunately, there are other hydration alternatives that you can have even while on the move. Bring with you a bottle or two of your favorite sports drink to help you replenish any lost fluids and electrolytes while cycling. Taking a bite of healthy snack bars, gels, and other bite-sized snack can also help you in this aspect. Just don’t let 15-20 minutes on the go without taking a sip or hydrating or else your cells, your output, and even your health will suffer in the end.

At this point, it is important to note that there are two major factors that affect how fluid is absorbed in your body. First, is the rate at which the fluid drains or is released from the stomach. Second, is the rate of absorption in the intestine. This is affected by the concentration of electrolytes such as sodium and carbohydrates present in the drink.

Prolonged heavy sweating could result to a significant loss of minerals in the body, particularly sodium. If you just drink water, you can weaken the concentration of the remaining electrolyte minerals in your body. If you decide to gulp down more water, you may experience overhydration which can lead to critical symptoms like seizures, mental disorientation, as well as death. This can also stimulate your kidneys to produce more urine to help keep the concentration levels in your body balanced. That means that your body won’t be able to retain the amount of fluid and essential electrolytes it needs to sustain optimal performance.

Hydrate before, during, and after.

To ensure that your body will exert the best effort while you are on the move, top up before you step on your bike. You also need to look after yourself during and even after the activity. If you are doing an especially demanding event, like joining a tournament, then you should begin managing your hydration a couple of days before, just to make sure that you will at optimum levels.

It is quite easy to overlook your hydration levels after you have finished cycling. However, you should always remember that your body will need to re-energize. So, if you can take on a protein and carbohydrate food source to pair with your favorite beverage, you might as well do that.

Weigh yourself before and after a ride

To effectively manage water loss or gained throughout the ride, weigh yourself before and after an activity. Each kilogram of weight that you lose means a liter or fluid loss. If you add the total amount of fluid that you have consumed during your ride, you will determine if you have lost more fluids or have effectively managed whatever fluid you have lost throughout the ride.

There are so many reasons why you may want to go on your bike from health to practical reasons. As you plan when to go and what cycling activities to participate in, you should always consider the proper hydration plan as well. Remember that hydration management begins days before you start with an effort or activity and should continue even after you have gone off your bike.

To make sure that you can always hydrate wherever and whenever you need to, find the best water bottles for cycling and store your favorite beverage in it. Find one that will allow you to use your bottle longer and will be free of any toxic elements so you could secure a clean and healthy drink that you can smartly access any time you want to.

Reasons Why It Is Important To Wear Comfortable Shoes During Pregnancy

Your feet carry much of your weight throughout the day. Thus, it needs much attention like all other parts of the body, especially during pregnancy. That’s one good reason why you need to find the best shoes for pregnancy that can make your feet, as well as your whole body, comfortable whatever you may want to do or wherever you may want to go.


Treat your feet right

You may think that it’s just okay to wear anything that will make you feel comfortable and that you don’t really need to worry much about how your feet will look on them. However, if you find good fitting shoes that do not really complement what you are wearing, you may just end up feeling unhappy with the whole thing. That can make a very stressful day, specially if you have to wear the same outfit for a whole day. It gets even more challenging because of your condition.

What if you found the right design and look for your sole, but considered checking the quality of the material used in the making of the shoes not necessary? That could leave you loving your shoes but only for a while. All the effort, time, and money that you invested in finding that pair of shoes will soon be wasted and you will have to look for a new pair sooner than you planned.

Shoes are one of the best accessories for any outfit

Any good pair of shoes can be a good indicator of your fashion sense and style preference. It can also be a sour of a discomfort and pain. You may decide to settle for a pair with a more favorable appearance, even if it means that you will suffer from tired and sore feet every time you need to wear those shoes.

You need to consider the weight that your feet have to carry throughout your pregnancy. You should also think about how your feet may look and feel a few months after you have bought those shoes. Remember that expecting moms will experience swelling feet, so you will need to find a pair that will provide more room for your feet, yet hasn’t been too big that it will get cumbersome walking in them.

Your shoes should support a more comfortable pregnancy. Never compromise your health when choosing for the best shoes pregnancy.

As an expecting mother, you already have specific needs that are quite different when you were not yet having a baby. During pregnancy, you think of the best diet as well as the most appropriate supplements that you can take to make sure that you and your baby is provided what you need for a healthy pregnancy. However, many seldom really think about their feet. Have you thought of how many times you needed to look in the mirror to see if you need to retouch your make up? But do you do the same thing with your feet?

You may even think about how your feet may affect your health. Note that wearing uncomfortable shoes can create a negative effect on your personal well-being, body and even your health.

Consider why you should wear a comfortable pair of shoes:

  1. Wearing tightfitting shoes can cause blisters. Having a sore blister forming soles of your feet should make you think of the fit and style of your shoes. If you wear a pair that fits that natural shape of your feet, you won’t end up having a terrible blister after a few hours wearing those shoes.
  2. They start to get on your nerves. Stilettoes, pointy shoes, and all other shoes designed to enhance the look of the feet may look good on your feet. However, they may feel terrible with them on your feet. Some also complain of experiencing a shooting pain between the third and the fourth toe. This happens when the tissue surrounding the foot thickens as a result of frequent use of a tightfitting pair of shoes. The condition is known as Morton’s Neuroma. There are even cases when a surgery needs to be performed to get relief from such painful nerves.
  3. You will soon find corns on the soles of your feet. Wearing uncomfortable shoes will soon give way to the development of corns at the pressure point on your feet. These corns are quite painful. They may also require a treatment which can take several weeks to cure the corns on your feet.
  4. Your feet will soon be forced to protect itself. Tight-fitting creates so much pressure on the feet. As a result, your feet will develop calluses and bunions. They can be painful and quite unappealing. They also don’t just go away easily.
  5. Wearing a good-fitting pair of shoes can help maintain proper foot health, and can improve your body movement. Pressure caused by the weight of your growing bump as well as the ill-fitting shoes can affect the way you move. This happens as the parts of your body from the back down try to compensate for whatever pain or discomfort that you feel. As a result, your movement is affected.

Choose the right match for your feet

It is essential that you always remember the connection between your health and the shoes that you wear. With a special condition that you now have, you have more reasons to find the best-fitting shoes that will provide you a comfortable walk and movement any time you put them on. There is a wide variety of good quality footwear in the market and you will definitely find a good match for your feet without ever having to compromise your health.

Look for a pair that will let your feet to breathe but won’t be out of style. Find one that will also offer a good ankle support, and a pair that will be easier to your knees and your back. For a more comfortable fit, here are a few options: flat-soled sandals, loafers, and mock sneakers.

For more information on how to avoid foot pain during pregnancy, check out Dr. John Pritz’video here.

Challenging you to PRACTICE your Practice~

Discovering a self-kindness practice that makes sense to you and actually feels DOABLE is a HUGE step in saving yourself from YOURSELF and stepping up to become your own HERO*.
                    (If you haven’t chosen a practice yet, join us HERE.)

But your chosen “practice” won’t do ANYTHING to improve the quality of your life or increase your own appreciation of who YOU are and what YOU have to offer, if you don’t take the time to PRACTICE it.

And I mean, CONSISTENTLY. Because it only takes 4 CONSECUTIVE DAYS of following through on this commitment (or any other) to turn it into a new habit,according to research psychologists. And that’s a PIECE OF CAKE.

So today, I dare you to STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING.


And I dare you to take the FIRST STEP in creating the foundation for this nourishing habit by using THIS VERY MOMENT to practice APPLYING your self-kindness practice to your own inner conversation. 

  • What are the things you’re always beating yourself up about? (Maybe that you’re NOT GOOD ENOUGH or SMART ENOUGH? or CONFIDENT ENOUGH?)
  • Dredge it up NOW, and put your self-kindness practice to WORK. 
    • If you’re feeling UNMOTIVATED, read this to get on board and JUST DO IT.

And BOOM! Day One ACCOMPLISHED, just like THAT.

So throughout today and the rest of this week, I dare you to continue practicing your practice AT LEAST ONCE each day, whenever and wherever feels best and easiest for you.

IMPLORE you to truly PRIORITIZE THIS TIME for yourself… and COMMIT to it!… because your ability to get to the next level in your life DEPENDS upon it. 

And what’s MORE, I dare you to give yourself SPECIAL PERMISSION to LET GO of the rules. Because there is truly NO RIGHT WAY to do this. All that matters is that this practice is effective for YOU. Let it grow and evolve in whatever way SUPPORTS YOU BEST and feels pretty darn DELICIOUS… so you’ll not only have FAITH in this tool and it’s unquestionable ability to change your thoughts/LIFE, but also so you’ll WANT to utilize this tool — time and time again — throughout your LIFE.

So LET’S DO THIS. This week, I CHALLENGE YOU to JUST PRACTICE your self-kindness practice, aiming for progress, not perfection!, so you can EMPOWER YOURSELF to BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in YOUR own world and within your own crazy, BEAUTIFUL life and begin to create positive HABITS that will support you from THIS MOMENT ON.

I KNOW you are absolutely and completely CAPABLE of THIS.
Now go PROVE IT to yourself~