When you want space instead of a hug after a long day of work, you’re NOT WEIRD or UNGRATEFUL. 

When you tell the waiter you want water with lemon but NO ice because it hurts your teeth, you’re NOT ANNOYING or a JERK. 

And when you would rather read a book instead of accepting a spontaneous invite to meet up with friends, you’re most definitely NOT A LOSER.

Not. At. All.

All this actually MEANS is that you know what you want! and you are committed to HONORING your own desires to create the life that feels best for you!

And isn’t that the point anyway?

So this week, I DARE YOU to give yourself special permission to quit judging yourself and choosing to make your decision to live with honesty and integrity feel so PAINFUL and SELFISH.

And instead of forming an opinion about what your needs and preferences say about you as a person, I dare you to CONGRATULATE yourself for HONORING your desires AND your body-mind-spirit and doing all that you can in your power to nourish yourself in the way that feels best for you.

And today and throughout this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to STAND UP and start advocating for yourself/providing for your OWN needs for a change, so you can reduce your own POINTLESS suffering, and instead, start being your own HERO UNAPOLOGETICALLY, now and throughout your future.

Because, after all, being “SELFISH” is the single most SELFLESS thing you can do. ;)

Here’s to inspiring others with your BOLD declaration of self-RESPECT and -LOVE!
Let’s do this,



Challenging you to SPEAK UP~

Throughout this challenge, you’ve gotten to know yourself better, and you have a clearer picture of what really matters to you in your life. You’ve begun to RESPECT yourself and ACCEPT yourself for these things, and maybe you’re not as quick to judge yourself or put yourself down.

—> If you haven’t already — CELEBRATE how far you’ve come! You DESERVE it.

As you’ve noticed, most of our challenges have focused on doing the inner work… in order to create a foundation solid enough for what’s next: creating lasting changes EXTERNALLY — outside of your head! for everyone to SEE! in real life! — that better reflect who you actually are NOW, after such intensive and extensive self-growth and -empowerment. 

Oh. Yeah.

So this week, I DARE YOU to open your mouth and SPEAK UP for yourself and what’s genuinely important to you

I dare you to give yourself SPECIAL PERMISSION to ADVOCATE for yourself, out loud!, with the same VIGOR, ENTHUSIASM and COMPASSION as you do for your respected friends and colleagues.

And what’s more: I dare you to OWN that oh-so-elusive THING that you want so much and use this opportunity to courageously and respectfully ASK for it, knowing that the worst thing that can happen is that you don’t get what you want today. (And that’s no different from where you stand RIGHT NOW, is it?)

So today, and throughout this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to push aside your fears, step into the CONFIDENCE you’ve been so courageously and PROACTIVELY cultivating, and FOCUS that inner faith and perspective into more honestly and meaningfully expressing your re-discovered inner self OUT LOUD, empowering YOU to pave your OWN way to a more deeply fulfilling life.

Speak YOUR truth, “even if your voice shakes!”
They’ll still hear you~


Challenging you to SEE YOUR POWER~

Throughout this challenge, you’ve grown and evolved, you’ve faced your demons head-on and you’ve stepped up in ways that you didn’t even know were possible before. And it was all because of YOU and your disciplined and wholehearted efforts.

I bet YOU DIDN’T KNOW how capable you already were.

I bet you didn’t know how STRONG you could really be. 

And I bet you didn’t know how much CONTROL you actually have overEVERYTHING.

But you know it now.

So this week, I DARE YOU to take at least a few moments each day to truly APPRECIATE how far you’ve come — because of your own self-discipline and GRIT — with the support of these challenges and on your own.

I dare you to make a list of HOW MUCH YOU’VE ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED, in your personal evolution and outside of your head, in your real life!, so you can begin to comprehend the STAGGERING RESULTS of your deliberate intentions and efforts.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What, internally and tangibly, have you MANIFESTED in your life through your CHOICE to better your own life, on the inside and out? 
  • What have you BROUGHT ABOUT through TAKING ACTION or SPEAKING UP that you are proud of?
  • What valuable information did your not-so-successful attempts, STRUGGLES or missteps wind up providing on your journey? 
  • How did you choose to use this information to UPLEVEL your life?
  • How has the quality of your life improved or SKYROCKETED just because you decided to stop beating yourself up and start SUPPORTING yourself?

And today and throughout this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to start ACTING like the competent, POWERFUL and CAPABLE person you are RIGHT NOW, choosing to have FAITH in your UNSHAKEABLE ability to handle anything and EVERYTHING that comes your way in the future…  because you’ve ALREADY PROVEN that you can successfully take OWNERSHIP of your life and STEER IT in the direction of your choosing, no matter WHAT stands in your way. 

You ARE your own HERO. 
It’s time you BELIEVE IT.



Challenging you to BE YOUR OWN BOUNCER~

This challenge has EMBOLDENED you to evolve and grow, making you feel more joyful and confident but also putting your friendships and relationships to the test.

Many of you have told me (and continue to tell me) that some of the people you call your friends aren’t really that DESERVING of the title. Maybe they call you just to vent about their horrible day and then hang up, leaving you feeling like CRAP before you even realize what happened! Or maybe they are actually pretty good friends about most things, but you have a sinking suspicion they can’t be trusted with what you just accidentally told them.

Oops! (And it happens, doesn’t it?!)

But this week, I DARE YOU to you to realize that you DESERVE so much more than this.

So, I dare you to TAKE BACK your power, and start treating YOURSELF the way you WANT to be treated — with genuine GENEROSITY of spirit, kindness and loving RESPECT.

I dare you, starting TODAY, to choose to spend less time with those who bring you down, and more time with friends who lift you UP, protecting and respecting your energy and HAPPINESS with more diligence and discipline than the biggest, baddest BOUNCER you’ve encountered thus far.

I dare you to be willing to release all guilt you feel for putting distance between yourself and the friends who “need” you, and instead choose to shift your perspective to see how this could actually be in the best interest of ALL people involved. (Seriously!)

And today, and throughout this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to CHOOSE to make more deliberate and CONSCIOUS decisions about who you spend your time with or go out of your way for, knowing with unwavering CERTAINTY that YOU have the power — in THIS MOMENT — to create the VERY friendships and relationships that you’ve been yearning for with ALL YOUR HEART.

Because your happiness is IMPORTANT ENOUGH to do this,



Challenging you to PLAY like its your JOB~

It’s CLEAR that you’re one of those special people who always strives to be better, in everything that you do. And that’s probably one of the reasons you joined this challenge and have been committed to applying these practices week to week.  (Have you celebrated this simple fact about yourself yet?)

But it’s also possibly one of the reasons why you haven’t had that much FUN — just for FUN’s sake! — lately.

Don’t get me wrong… I know you’ve been working each week to create more happiness, JOY and FLOW in your life. Which has made you FEEL so much better, provoking excitement that is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to contain about the direction your life is now headed. And maybe applying these challenges has even allowed you to feel more gratitude or experience RANDOM BOUTS of happy tears for your ability to create such positive changes. 

But when was the last time you ACTUALLY laughed out loud? 
When was the last time that you actually PUT SOMETHING ON YOUR CALENDAR, just for FUN?
When was the last time you PRIORITIZED PLAY like IT WAS YOUR J-O-B!?!

So this week, I DARE YOU to be willing to break from your usual routine to consciously CREATE opportunities for GENUINE, unfiltered laughter, unapologetic SILLINESS and imaginative play, on your own or with others.

I dare you to spend some time thinking about the things that made you LAUGH SO HARD you almost (literally!) PEED YOUR PANTS in your childhood and CHALLENGE YOURSELF to BEAT THAT.

I dare you to set the intention this week (and SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS, so they can hold you accountable/join in on the fun!) to have the MOST FUN you’ve ever had in your adult life, in whatever way feels best for you.

So today and throughout this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to give yourself a break!and be willing to let loose, releasing all the tension you’re not even conscious of, and in its place, invite tons of HEALING laughter and SILLINESS into each moment, EMPOWERING you to reawaken those parts of yourself that allowed you to SHINE BRIGHTLY, experience GENUINE CURIOSITY and have ENDLESS reasons to BELIEVE in the good in this world.

Oh yeah. Let’s have some FUN this week~



Challenging you to FORGIVE YOURSELF~

Throughout this challenge, we’ve deeply practiced self-kindness, and hopefully you continue to apply whichever method you chose, whenever you need it.
  —> If you haven’t yet, see our “self-kindness” challenge to help you more effectively tackle today’s challenge.

But how do you treat yourself in moments when you can’t pay your bills? Or when someone else is promoted to the position that you were next in line for? And how do you treat yourself in instances when you make a mistake or behave in a way that makes you feel so ashamed, you physically shudder when you reflect back on it?

And it happens, doesn’t it?

We don’t like to admit it, but I bet, just like me and all the other HUMAN BEINGS on this earth, you’re disappointed in yourself sometimes.  You’re ANGRY at yourself, too. And you feel like you should’ve done better more often that you’d care to admit.

Well this week, I DARE YOU to exchange your self-judgment for SELF-ACCEPTANCE, no matter WHAT.

In those uncomfortable moments when you USUALLY turn your back on yourself, I dare you to DEFY that instinct and SEE that you are (unconsciously) CHOOSING to perpetuate your own PAIN by holding your perceived OFFENSES over your head instead of FORGIVING and moving on.

So, I DARE YOU to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE through devoting some quiet time in the privacy of your own home (or sacred place) each night to DETOX YOURSELF of all SHAME, ANGER, RESENTMENT and GUILT that you’ve been so stubbornly holding onto, in whatever way feels best for you.

And this week, as the leaves change colors and fall to the ground, I CHALLENGE YOU to SEE how you can change your life, just as vibrantly and BEAUTIFULLY, through FORGIVENESS, as you choose to release your perceived NEED to punish yourself and see that it is BRAVER to learn from your past, using that knowledge to EMPOWER your future.

It’s time to MOVE ON with your life and BE FREE again,



Challenging you to FACE YOUR RESISTANCE~

Last week’s challenge took things to the next level, inviting and DARING you to FORGIVE yourself, even and ESPECIALLY for the things that made you feel disappointed or ashamed with yourself.

During your sacred detox time, how did it actually feel to look at your darkness and just accept it for what it was… with the intention to FORGIVE, let it go and move on?

Was it a HUGE relief? Or did it feel physically uncomfortable? Or did you make up every excuse on the planet NOT to fulfill your commitment to yourself and this challenge this past week? Just like we ALL do whenever new information or behavior threatens to shatter everything we’ve ever known or believed!

Well this week, I DARE YOU to FACE YOUR RESISTANCE head-on, and view it as a chance to GROW into the person you’ve always wanted to be (and always KNOWN you really were!)
          –>These earlier challenges can help you face the emotions and sensationsthat come up, too, in the most AUTHENTIC WAY for you.

I dare you to take a step back and notice your reaction to things, like this challenge, that might provoke an intense REPULSION or just an automatic sense of avoidance and aversion, and ask yourself: “What does my REACTION to this tell me about MYSELF?”

And TODAY and throughout this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to be willing to GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY as you wade through your very own particular stickiness and UNCOVER and begin to question those underlying beliefs and fears that are HOLDING YOU BACK from being as AWESOME and FEARLESS and FREE as you wish to be.

Because THIS will take the QUALITY of your LIFE to the next level,


–> You may want to try journaling, my FAVORITE tool!, to empower you to get the most out of this challenge.

P.S. Or if you need help with this, I encourage you to set up a 30-min Strategy Session with me, completely free of charge, to help you see the lesson buried within your resistance. Email me at [email protected] to set it up — Because you DON’T have to do EVERYTHING on your own, you know. ;)


Challenging you to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS~

As last week’s challenge showed you, knowing and accepting WHY you’re scared or WHY you’d rather be stuck than in the flow EMPOWERS you to make those pattern-BREAKINGsustainable changes that you’ve been DREAMING about… and that you KNOW… somewhere deep inside you… you are TRULY and HONESTLY capable of!

So this week, I DARE YOU to use your insights from last week’s challenge wisely, starting with the SMALL, doable and sometimes not-all-that-exciting baby steps that actually make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

I dare you to examine the things you do EVERY DAY that are WORKING AGAINST YOU and continuing to FUEL your resistance and prolong your inner struggle.

  • What do these behaviors look like?
  • How do they make you feel?
  • What usually follows them?
  • For example: what do you do first thing in the morning that sets the tone for your day? How does it make you feel? Does it inspire you to make good, nourishing, FEEL-GOOD decisions in line with whats important to you throughout the rest of your day? Or does it inspire just the opposite?

And then, I dare you to replace just ONE of those daily behaviors/“rituals” with a more NOURISHING and uplifting one that is more aligned with what you DESIRE and DESERVE! and commit to it WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Start ASAP.

So today and throughout this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS as you begin to TAKE ACTIONS that will support your personal growth and EMPOWER you to rise above your LIMITATIONS and leave your FEARS in the DUST, as you start living just a little bit better each and every day.

It’s time to practice UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for YOU, providing yourself with all the NOURISHMENT and INSPIRATION that you deserve.
Let’s *ENJOY* this,


P.S. Give yourself SPECIAL PERMISSION to not beat yourself up with this challenge, NO MATTER WHAT~ Aim for progress, NOT perfection, ALWAYS! … and reward yourself for each step in the right direction because the POINT of all of this is to feel better, right?

Don’t forget to ENJOY it.


Challenging you to SEE what you WANT to SEE~

After beginning to integrate your self-kindness practice into your life, you are probably beginning to really understand that the way you feel, day-in and day-out, IS and HAS ALWAYS BEEN under your control.

But you may be surprised to hear that you ALSO have the beautiful PRIVILEGE and POWER to choose what you actually SEE and experience.

And what you choose to SEE in your life is what you end up GETTING… and getting… and getting.

Get it?

So this week, I dare you to intentionally CHOOSE to focus your thoughts and attention ONLY on what you WANT to see and experience, so you actually have a SHOT at getting it.

I DARE YOU to start by choosing to SEE and appreciate the AMAZING things that happen to you, in even the most ordinary moments. Like when…

  • You’ve had a really long day, and you absentmindedly answer your phone when it rings, suddenly hearing your best friend’s voice say “Hey. I miss you,” right when you needed a boost.
  • Or when you accidentally miss the exit you were supposed to take and instead wind up finding a secret route (with no traffic!) to your vacation spot, ahead of schedule.

Things like this happen EVERY DAY, but if you’re still obsessing about what what wrong at work or beating yourself up about missing that exit, then YOU’LL MISS OUT on EXACTLY what you keep telling yourself that you want: to feel truly, deeply and wholeheartedly confident, capable and in control of your AMAZING life!

So today and throughout this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY, and instead choose to OPEN YOUR EYES to see ONLY the GOOD in your life and begin to EXPECT even more of it. Because if you go looking hard enough, I PROMISE YOU that you’ll keep on finding it~

Here’s to believing in something BEAUTIFUL again,

Challenging you to DETOX your LIFE~

Forgiving ourselves for our past mistakes and shameful moments is a MAJOR challenge. But forgiving others? That can feel MUCH MORE complicated.

Let’s be honest, though. We all have a few people from our pasts who STILL trigger our emotions as if it were yesterday…and it kind of pisses us off to admit it. 

Maybe it’s that mean girl in middle school who always made you feel left out, or that annoying co-worker who had the AUDACITY to take credit for your idea, or THE ONE who got away and never gave you an explanation why they left!

But no matter who it is or what happened, we’re ashamed to admit to ourselves that this person — who doesn’t deserve to have any lingering significance in our lives, and who might not even be in our lives ANYMORE!– is still affecting us so deeply! So, we judge ourselves and beat ourselves up for having these feelings, making ourselves SUFFER even more.

And in doing so, we deny ourselves the ability to HEAL and to give ourselves the very closure that we need in order to let go and move on!


This week, I dare you to give yourself SPECIAL PERMISSION to admit the truthto yourself and to stop judging yourself for it. 
I dare you to OPEN YOUR EYES to see that how you feel IS NOT silly or ridiculous; it just IS.
I dare you to validate and HONOR your feelings like this or through journaling or inwhatever way feels best for you to give yourself the closure within yourself that is long overdue.

And today, I CHALLENGE YOU to be willing to FORGIVE the people from your past, TAKE BACK YOUR INNER PEACE, and choose to DETOX yourself from the POISON of the past.

Let it go. It’s time you were FREE~