Challenging you to PLAY like its your JOB~

It’s CLEAR that you’re one of those special people who always strives to be better, in everything that you do. And that’s probably one of the reasons you joined this challenge and have been committed to applying these practices week to week.  (Have you celebrated this simple fact about yourself yet?)

But it’s also possibly one of the reasons why you haven’t had that much FUN — just for FUN’s sake! — lately.

Don’t get me wrong… I know you’ve been working each week to create more happiness, JOY and FLOW in your life. Which has made you FEEL so much better, provoking excitement that is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to contain about the direction your life is now headed. And maybe applying these challenges has even allowed you to feel more gratitude or experience RANDOM BOUTS of happy tears for your ability to create such positive changes. 

But when was the last time you ACTUALLY laughed out loud? 
When was the last time that you actually PUT SOMETHING ON YOUR CALENDAR, just for FUN?
When was the last time you PRIORITIZED PLAY like IT WAS YOUR J-O-B!?!

So this week, I DARE YOU to be willing to break from your usual routine to consciously CREATE opportunities for GENUINE, unfiltered laughter, unapologetic SILLINESS and imaginative play, on your own or with others.

I dare you to spend some time thinking about the things that made you LAUGH SO HARD you almost (literally!) PEED YOUR PANTS in your childhood and CHALLENGE YOURSELF to BEAT THAT.

I dare you to set the intention this week (and SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS, so they can hold you accountable/join in on the fun!) to have the MOST FUN you’ve ever had in your adult life, in whatever way feels best for you.

So today and throughout this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to give yourself a break!and be willing to let loose, releasing all the tension you’re not even conscious of, and in its place, invite tons of HEALING laughter and SILLINESS into each moment, EMPOWERING you to reawaken those parts of yourself that allowed you to SHINE BRIGHTLY, experience GENUINE CURIOSITY and have ENDLESS reasons to BELIEVE in the good in this world.

Oh yeah. Let’s have some FUN this week~



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