Challenging you to SEE YOUR POWER~

Throughout this challenge, you’ve grown and evolved, you’ve faced your demons head-on and you’ve stepped up in ways that you didn’t even know were possible before. And it was all because of YOU and your disciplined and wholehearted efforts.

I bet YOU DIDN’T KNOW how capable you already were.

I bet you didn’t know how STRONG you could really be. 

And I bet you didn’t know how much CONTROL you actually have overEVERYTHING.

But you know it now.

So this week, I DARE YOU to take at least a few moments each day to truly APPRECIATE how far you’ve come — because of your own self-discipline and GRIT — with the support of these challenges and on your own.

I dare you to make a list of HOW MUCH YOU’VE ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED, in your personal evolution and outside of your head, in your real life!, so you can begin to comprehend the STAGGERING RESULTS of your deliberate intentions and efforts.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What, internally and tangibly, have you MANIFESTED in your life through your CHOICE to better your own life, on the inside and out? 
  • What have you BROUGHT ABOUT through TAKING ACTION or SPEAKING UP that you are proud of?
  • What valuable information did your not-so-successful attempts, STRUGGLES or missteps wind up providing on your journey? 
  • How did you choose to use this information to UPLEVEL your life?
  • How has the quality of your life improved or SKYROCKETED just because you decided to stop beating yourself up and start SUPPORTING yourself?

And today and throughout this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to start ACTING like the competent, POWERFUL and CAPABLE person you are RIGHT NOW, choosing to have FAITH in your UNSHAKEABLE ability to handle anything and EVERYTHING that comes your way in the future…  because you’ve ALREADY PROVEN that you can successfully take OWNERSHIP of your life and STEER IT in the direction of your choosing, no matter WHAT stands in your way. 

You ARE your own HERO. 
It’s time you BELIEVE IT.



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