Success Stories

“I was surprised at how quickly you got to the source of the problem…You were able to uncover it with tact, grace and TLC. I was happy to divulge it all to you because you made me feel this sense of unrushed comfort. I always feel so relaxed and accepted in your presence even though we are usually having one of the deepest conversations of my life! You really make it seem like I’m the ONLY person in the room, always. After working with you for a few months now, I truly know I’m worthy of that kind of attention in all areas of my life.”
Chloe Dancer and Performing Artist, NYC

“Nicole Bernardo is a wonderful, fun and fully committed coach. She encourages you to let your freak flag fly and to own your professional potential fully. She passionately cheers you on, mirroring back your strengths to you, and gently assists you in taking the next necessary steps. Her inspiring coaching approach will help you to dig up your inner superpowers that are already waiting for you, probably just out of sight, hidden under heaps of old beliefs. Plus, the techniques she teaches and the books she recommends will help you to overcome those old habits you are more than ready to let go of. Her thorough feedback after each session is priceless: Intuitive insight, hands-on homework and lots and lots of love on top. You might hire Nicole because you wanted the “Martha-Beck-trained-coach” experience. But you will continue to work with her because she’s so much more than that. I highly recommend Nicole to anyone who needs more enthusiasm, optimism and joy in their life.”
Lilly Mackuth Transformative Coach at, Germany

“It’s so refreshing to work with Nicole. She really listens, and she GETS what I’m saying. I always feel so pumped up and positive after our sessions. Since I’ve been working with Nicole, I’m actually beginning to accept and love myself for the quirky rule-breaker that I am. I feel like I can do anything, and I’m actually taking risks that feel so good and true to what I want! FINALLY!! I’m so grateful to Nicole for that.”
Elizabeth Television Producer, NYC

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience while working with Nicole.  By creating a confidential, non-judgmental forum for dialogue, Nicole uses her keen intuition and understanding of human nature to pinpoint the issues that ultimately keep you from being the best version of yourself.  While Nicole possesses all the characteristics of an effective life coach – empathy, support, and encouragement – what differentiates her from others is her sense of humor and “no-nonsense” approach.  Nicole uses her creativity and experience to equip you with meaningful, effective tools that will empower positive thinking and improve your quality of life.”
Laura Financial Underwriter, NYC

“Before I began working with Nicole I had really bad luck with my career. I was laid off and unemployed for a few months. I took a position that was chaotic and made me miserable because I just needed a job. For months I was trying so hard to change my situation. I was applying to countless jobs and going on so many interviews. The interviews began to stress me out and I began to lose hope and feel really bad about my self. Then, I began talking to Nicole. She is easy to talk to, a great listener and encouraging. After every session I felt so much better about my self, my career and my skills. Nicole showed me a different way to view my situation and gave me the confidence I needed during interviews. I ultimately have a wonderful new job within my desired field, a salary increase and a more peaceful work environment. I am pleased to say that Nicole was an important part in making that dream come true.”
Dominique Fashion Industry Professional, NYC

“Nicole Bernardo is an intuitive coach; she has a strong sense of picking up on thoughts that prevent forward movement. Her genuine personality is to the point and she is always transparent with her clients. Her authentic questioning helped me see past some of my formed beliefs, and she was able to give me small tools to work with on a daily basis to work beyond those beliefs. If you are looking for a focused coach who is as kind as she is strong then Nicole Bernardo is your coach.”
Chad Gilham Adventure Leader, Mt. Vernon, Indiana

“What I have discovered while working with Nicole is a great amount of trust in her abilities. There are many times where I am floundering in my thoughts and approaches to my own life and relationships and Nicole will know exactly where to go and how to narrow down the confusion in my head. Often during a coaching session, I will discover more about myself than I ever imagined. Nicole helps me find my own internal wisdom. Our sessions help clarify my feelings and help me be more confident in knowing what to do and how to go forward. Many times after a session, I will shake my head and just say, “Wow, that was a very powerful experience and I didn’t know that was in me.” I always feel gratitude for Nicole’s competence and intelligence and compassion.”
Cindy Zullo Bozeman, Montana

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