Challenging you to PRACTICE your Practice~

Discovering a self-kindness practice that makes sense to you and actually feels DOABLE is a HUGE step in saving yourself from YOURSELF and stepping up to become your own HERO*.
                    (If you haven’t chosen a practice yet, join us HERE.)

But your chosen “practice” won’t do ANYTHING to improve the quality of your life or increase your own appreciation of who YOU are and what YOU have to offer, if you don’t take the time to PRACTICE it.

And I mean, CONSISTENTLY. Because it only takes 4 CONSECUTIVE DAYS of following through on this commitment (or any other) to turn it into a new habit,according to research psychologists. And that’s a PIECE OF CAKE.

So today, I dare you to STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING.


And I dare you to take the FIRST STEP in creating the foundation for this nourishing habit by using THIS VERY MOMENT to practice APPLYING your self-kindness practice to your own inner conversation. 

  • What are the things you’re always beating yourself up about? (Maybe that you’re NOT GOOD ENOUGH or SMART ENOUGH? or CONFIDENT ENOUGH?)
  • Dredge it up NOW, and put your self-kindness practice to WORK. 
    • If you’re feeling UNMOTIVATED, read this to get on board and JUST DO IT.

And BOOM! Day One ACCOMPLISHED, just like THAT.

So throughout today and the rest of this week, I dare you to continue practicing your practice AT LEAST ONCE each day, whenever and wherever feels best and easiest for you.

IMPLORE you to truly PRIORITIZE THIS TIME for yourself… and COMMIT to it!… because your ability to get to the next level in your life DEPENDS upon it. 

And what’s MORE, I dare you to give yourself SPECIAL PERMISSION to LET GO of the rules. Because there is truly NO RIGHT WAY to do this. All that matters is that this practice is effective for YOU. Let it grow and evolve in whatever way SUPPORTS YOU BEST and feels pretty darn DELICIOUS… so you’ll not only have FAITH in this tool and it’s unquestionable ability to change your thoughts/LIFE, but also so you’ll WANT to utilize this tool — time and time again — throughout your LIFE.

So LET’S DO THIS. This week, I CHALLENGE YOU to JUST PRACTICE your self-kindness practice, aiming for progress, not perfection!, so you can EMPOWER YOURSELF to BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in YOUR own world and within your own crazy, BEAUTIFUL life and begin to create positive HABITS that will support you from THIS MOMENT ON.

I KNOW you are absolutely and completely CAPABLE of THIS.
Now go PROVE IT to yourself~



Challenging you to BUST OUT of your personal prison

Last week I challenged you to take responsibility for your life…to step up and OWN it.

But because you’re HUMAN, it’s inevitable you’ve come across a part of your life that makes you feel ASHAMED or disappointed in yourself and your actions (or lack thereof.)

Like when you SHRANK from a challenge, avoided confrontation or didn’t act with integrity. 

But HANGING ON to your negative feelings about yourself and your INABILITIES can be debilitating, calling your self-worth, -confidence and even your RESILIENCY into question! It scares you into submission and surrender and undermines your commitment to take OWNERSHIP of your life, when you’ve only just begun.

So my heroes, THIS is your call to ACTION. It’s time to ditch those harmful behaviors and start SUPPORTING YOURSELF like your happiness depended on it. (Because it really, really DOES.)

So, this week, I dare you to BUST OUT of your personal “prison.” 

I dare you to give yourself special permission to STOP JUDGING YOURSELF and focusing so much of your attention on your downfalls.

Instead, I dare you to take a step back and COURAGEOUSLY look into those areas or memories, and ask yourself WHY you’re disappointed in yourself.

  • What do you wish you had done differently?
  • Did you even know ANY BETTER at the time?
  • What would handling this situation SUCCESSFULLY look like to you?
  • So now, whether or NOT you knew better at the time, what can you LEARN from this situation?

And this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to be willing to FORGIVE YOURSELF, letting go of the heavy BURDEN of this negativity and inner criticism and FINALLY allowing yourself to be FREE, so you can — FROM THIS DAY FORWARD– move effortlessly and CAPABLY into your BEAUTIFUL future.

Here’s to never stumbling on what’s BEHIND YOU ever again~



Challenging you to LOOK to NOURISH yourself

You are truly special.

In the honest moments I’ve shared with many of you, I’ve been AMAZED time and time again by your depth… your raw and unique beauty… your sassiness! … your quirky and brilliant superpowers and talents… and especially your good-heartedness and unshakeable integrity, even and ESPECIALLY when you’re knee-deep in some pretty tough stuff. 

But instead of appreciating these things about yourself, you beat yourself up for not being good enough…qualified enough…pretty enough…skinny enough… and even for NOT DOING enough! 

And you’re not alone. 

We’re all GUILTY of it. Instead of seeing and appreciating the good in ourselves and using it to live our lives with ease and passion and CONFIDENCE, we devote an ABSURD amount of energy to comparing ourselves to our culture’s ideals and trying to contort ourselves like Cirque du Soleil gymnasts to fit into them!

No WONDER we end up feeling like CRAP!!

So this week, I dare you to quit your toxic “comparing and despairing,” and instead choose to NOURISH yourself with a kinder practice.

I dare you to get to know the YOU that you’ve been hiding from us (and yourself!)

I dare you to look in the mirror with honest curiosity! and challenge yourself to find the things about you and in you that make you feel WHOLE, HEALED, CAPABLE and more than ENOUGH.

So, my heroes, I CHALLENGE YOU to CEASE your in-fighting and SURRENDER! and instead, devote yourself to a NEW, more NOURISHING mission: to thoroughly scour your inner and outer life for rock-solid evidence of your unique AMAZINGNESS, not just today… but EVERY SINGLE DAY this week …. so that soon, with consistent practice, you can experience the FREEDOM, PEACE and recharged sense of CONFIDENCE that come along with your budding self-acceptance.

Because it’s time you SEE yourself for the unbelievable person you ALREADY are.


Challenging you to TRANSFORM your inner TURMOIL into TENACITY

It’s not an easy task to see how AMAZING you are, especially when day after day that inner voice of yours persists in its laser-focused and damn-near infallible mission to keep you SMALL and SAFE.

It tells you you’re not ENOUGH, when you are toying with the idea of putting yourself out there and taking a risk to make yourself happier. 

So instead of courageously chasing your dream and supporting yourself, you’re scared into submission… and trudge through your days wishing for MORE and hoping someone will SAVE you from the STATUS QUO (or planning a vacation to ESCAPE it all, right?)

I’m talking about that inner voice who tells you you’re going to end up ALONE ...leaving you feeling pathetic and sad, INSTEAD of feeling really proud of yourself for bravely listening to your gut and letting go of a relationship that wouldn’t fulfill you in the long-run (and you KNOW it.)

And watch out for this weekend! When that inner voice tells you you’re UNDISCIPLINED and makes you feel guilty and like you’re not doing enough… when you’ve taken care of and NOURISHED yourself all week… and you’re just trying to enjoy yourself at a freakin’ summer barbecue!!! 

So this week, ENOUGH is ENOUGH.


I dare you to THANK your inner voice for its input, but CHOOSE to handle things on your OWN from now on… noticing that without hearing that voice’s negativity for a while you might not have had a REASON to WAKE UP and see/appreciate the brighter side of everything. (Because of the beautiful Law of Polarity.)

And now, I dare you to redirect your energy away from inner TURMOIL into a newfound inner TENACITY to create a more supportive and KINDER relationship with yourself.

So, today and throughout this week, I CHALLENGE YOU to discover a SELF-KINDNESS PRACTICE that actually works for you, so that you can apply it easily to your life to transform your inner dialogue into a more loving and INSPIRED conversation that will support you in the hard times and when you’re flying HIGH, now and THROUGHOUT your life. (See the resources below!)

  • Here are some RESOURCES to help you:
    • 1) Change your thoughts step-by-step using the Self-Coaching 101 Model.
    • 2) Use your imagination to lovingly change the conversation.
    • 3) A tangible reminder to keep you on track from the amazing Nicole Jackson of Reiki and Wellness.
    • If none of these work for you, create your own or browse the internet for one that makes sense for you. If you want some help, email me to set up a free strategy call, and I’ll coach you to uncover the method that works best for you on your own terms.

Come on. Let’s DO this~