Tips In Choosing The Best Water Bottles For School

We are all well aware of the importance of drinking water, especially in maintaining good health. Still, many of us fail or neglect to provide adequate water to our bodies. It is the simplest of all the requirements for survival, yet we tend to voluntarily disregard to replenish whatever fluid that we have lost as we go about doing work.

Our children, who look up to us, follow our standards of living. They will also do as we do and if we don’t train them early or let someone or something else teach them, we will soon be looking at someone we do not intend to create. So, if you want your kids to be drinking sufficiently when they are away from you, like when they are in school, train them to bring one of the best water bottles for school. That will encourage them to drink more when they have to and not look for other alternatives, which may not be healthy for them.


Encourage your kids to be properly hydrated when on the go

New habits are difficult to form, but if you encourage them to bring a bottle of their favorite healthy drink, you will soon see them repeating the behavior. Eventually, they will unconsciously follow the new rule and they will old the old pattern of thinking. You will soon find them asking for their bottle filled with their favorite beverage before they head off to school.

Let them realize the benefits that bringing their own reusable bottle to school will do to their health, to the environment, and even to your finances. You’ll be teaching them so much in the process. And as kids are very good advertisers (they will do word-of-mouth advertising naturally), it will be easier for them to encourage others to do the same thing as well. Soon your child’s classmates will be bringing their own reusable water bottles as well.

It’s one simple step for better and stronger children and a better environment as well. As it limits the use of bottled water, there will be less disposable bottles generated. That means less pollution, fewer carbon traces, and more savings that you and your child can use for other things.

Looking for the best water bottles for school can be a challenging, too. There are so many brands and styles that offer several features. To help you decide which will be the most suitable water bottle for your child, consider the following guidelines :


For younger kids, you may want to look for a smaller-sized water bottle that will fit nicely in their hands when they are drinking. Older children will naturally require bigger-sized water bottles. But it will also depend on what specific size they would rather have. Will they prefer a thinner but wider water bottle like the Nalgene BPA Free Tritan Oasis Canteen or would they rather have a thin and tall water bottle like the Simple Modern Wave Water Bottle.


Find the best reviews for the water bottles that you are eyeing to buy. If you check for designs at, the world’s leading e-commerce site, you will see reviews for most of the products for sale. You can also google the brand and the design to see what others are saying about it. If you can test it yourself right away, that will be much better. A leaking water bottle can cause a lot of damage to your child’s stuff, so make sure that the cap won’t pop or budge with pressure or when the bottle tumbles or falls to its side.


Look for a reusable water bottle that is light as your child may find it troublesome to bring a bulky and heavy water bottle.

Easy to clean

It’s easy for germs and bacteria to breed in a water bottle when it has areas that are difficult to reach when cleaning. When looking for a reusable water bottle, make sure that it will be easy to clean all surfaces of the bottle.

Dishwasher safe

If you would rather have one that can be cleaned through a dishwasher, then make sure that the bottle that you will buy will be appropriate for that purpose.


Water bottles are made of different materials (plastic, stainless steel, glass). Check if all parts of the bottle that you intend to buy are safe (BPA-free), won’t leave any aftertaste on the bottle, and won’t easily break.


Opt for one that will fit nicely and snuggly in your child’s bag or backpack. If you would rather place the water bottle in the cup holders in your car, then find one that will be the right size and shape for that holder. It’s more convenient to keep a reusable water bottle in car cup holders when on the go, and if it’s a feature that the water bottle you intend to buy has, then go for it.


There are a lot of things that you can consider when we talk about the design of the reusable water bottle. Think of the cap. Does it have to have a holder or can it just come as a separate part of the bottle? Will your child drink from the lid, the cup, or a straw? How would you like to have the contour of the bottle? Does it have to be rigged for better grip, or would you rather have indented mid-portion to provide better grip when drinking from the bottle, or perhaps have the bottle a handle where your child can hold while drinking? Does it have to have a filter? Think of other features that you may want to have from a reusable water bottle. Don’t just settle for something because it is cheaper. Make sure that you get the best from each of your purchase.


There are so many water bottle brands that come with vacuum insulation that prevents condensation, so you won’t see any water marks on the sides of the  bottle. There are also those that can hold the temperature of the beverage for more than 24 hours. That means, your child’s water or other beverage will remain cold or hot longer. Picking a water bottle with one of your child’s favorite color will also increase the chance that your child will love the reusable water bottle once he or she sees it.

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